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Letter: Traffic Congestion is Caused by Lack of Other Viable Options

Published on: 30 Sep, 2020
Updated on: 30 Sep, 2020

From: Andrew Calladine

In response to: Pedestrian and Cycle Paths Improved But Still the ‘Poor Relation’ to Roads

Having lived in Guildford for over seven years, what first struck me, was how congested with cars it is, and how residents are encouraged to drive for virtually every journey, due to the total lack of non-driving options.

Pavements are often narrow and run along main roads with occasionally fast-moving traffic, the one-way system being a good example. Segregated cycle lanes are virtually non-existent or are disconnected.

Some steps are being made in the right direction, but an opportunity to implement trial changes during the recent lull in motorised traffic was completely missed.

There needs to be more political courage displayed by SCC and GBC when it comes to making Guildford a more pleasant place to live and to get around. For example, children should be able to get to school without being driven there by parents. At present, the status quo makes both children and parents afraid to do this.

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Responses to Letter: Traffic Congestion is Caused by Lack of Other Viable Options

  1. Ian Lawrence. Reply

    October 1, 2020 at 11:22 pm

    I fully accept that Guildford has its challenges with traffic. However the long historic and geographical position poses many problems as Guildford is both a destination and key route for people travelling to other destinations.

    There are limited alternatives to avoid the town centre depending on where you are travelling from and to – the exception being the A3 with all of its equally difficult problems. I do not have a solution, but all comments that are made about traffic imply that an outcome concentrating on solving local traffic will bring about a reduction. I don’t consider this will solve the problem as people will still need to travel across Guildford to other destinations.

    Finding the ideal solution will need compromises and I know it has been the subject of much correspondence. However, I have not seen any realistic proposal that equally considers both the challenge of the local and travelling commuter.

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