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Letter: What Are These Unsightly Fences For and Who Is Paying?

Published on: 17 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 16 Sep, 2023

The fences on Pewley Down

From: Jack Bayliss

a Pewley Down volunteer

Can anyone tell the many of us who enjoy walking on Pewley Down:

  1. The real purpose of the unsightly low parallell green plastic fences which have been put in all along it? (I have been told it is to do with local fauna (reptiles and snails) and an impending Thames Water pipe [to serve South Warren Farm, Tyting Farm and on to Shere].
  2. If that is right, how many reptiles is it estimated are involved, what species, and what will happen to them?
  3. Whether the fact that the area was mown just before the fencing was put in is likely to have harmed any of the reptiles?
  4. The cost of the fencing?
  5. Who is paying? (Presumably either Thames Water or us council taxpayers.)
  6. When it is intended that this eyesore will be removed?

Editor’s note: The Dragon will forward this letter to Thames Water requesting a response.

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