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Letter: Whatever the Plan, Basic Questions Remain

Published on: 20 Mar, 2021
Updated on: 20 Mar, 2021

From: Jim Allen

In response to: Now Tories Demand Review of Their Own 2019 Local Plan

So some of the same Tory councillors who told us the Local Plan was necessary to  “protect” Guildford from their own party’s government are telling us that the plan is wrong (fancy that) and should be reviewed.

Sadly, much damage has already been done.

But there are still unanswered questions.

  • When do we run out of drinking water?
  • Do we have enough foul water treatment capacity?
  • Is it rational to destroy workspace for houses, leaving no workspace for the new residents?
  • How are we going to heat our homes sustainably at low cost?
  • How are we going to travel to work?

These are hard technical issues on which our lives depend. Can we rely on the likes of those who do a U-turn on their own plan, meant to last until 2034, within two years of its adoption?

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