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Letter: Why Have They Chosen Onslow Park & Ride for Covid-19 Testing??

Published on: 29 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 30 Apr, 2020

From Celia Woodward

See: Unannounced Covid-19 Test Centre Now Operating At Onslow Park & Ride, By Appointment Only

I see that a Covid-19 testing station is being established in the Onslow Park and Ride car park.

Why on earth have they chosen such an inconvenient location? Surely it would be better to use the motorway service stations where the layout is designed for the fast through-flow of vehicles.

By comparison, there will be chaos as vehicles get snarled up at the four-way traffic lights trying to get into the site, and then backing up as they try to leave. If they are expecting to have throughput of 1,000 vehicles per hour (ie 16 per minute) just think what will happen.

No doubt there will be headlines showing pictures of the resulting gridlock labelled as evidence of “panic” to scare us all, and used to justify that as a reason to prolong the lockdown.

Personally I would not go anywhere near it. The majority of people booking tests will be those with suspected symptoms so they will be ill with something if not Covid-19 as such. Not a place to choose to visit surely.

So here we have the Government, which has been telling us for weeks to quarantine ourselves if we think we have the virus, inviting us all to go out and congregate in a traffic jam, with infected droplets floating around all over the place. How Gilbertian is that?

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Responses to Letter: Why Have They Chosen Onslow Park & Ride for Covid-19 Testing??

  1. Peta Malthouse Reply

    April 30, 2020 at 3:19 pm

    It’s close to the hospital and university and it is very easy to reach.

  2. John Cooper Reply

    April 30, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    People arriving and departing in vehicles, in what way is that hazardous? A foolish ill-thought-out scare tactic. How does the author propose that these tests are conducted to ensure the level of safety that she appears to demand?

  3. Peter Davies Reply

    April 30, 2020 at 7:17 pm

    I agree with John Cooper. Hear, hear.

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