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Updated: Local Lib Dem Calls for Parliament to Sit Over the Weekend to Debate Measures Against Russia

Published on: 24 Feb, 2022
Updated on: 25 Feb, 2022

Within hours of the news that Russia has invaded Ukraine, Guildford’s prospective Parliamentary candidate Zoe Franklin has echoed her party leader’s call for the House of Commons to sit over the weekend.  

See Labour chair’s response below.

Zoe Franklin

Ms Franklin said: “At a time like this in history, it is difficult to find words but one thing is clear, we cannot turn our backs on Ukraine.

“For too long Vladimir Putin and his government have been allowed to throw their weight around and go largely unchallenged. No one can be in any doubt of his intentions now and we must stop this assault on both democracy and the sovereign state of Ukraine.

“The Government must act and implement the strictest possible sanctions. Unfortunately, this crisis is likely to continue to unfold over the coming days and weeks. It demands a coordinated response from the UK, Europe and NATO member states. We cannot allow Putin’s ambition to destabilise our continent any further and we must keep in mind the potential human cost of his actions and do all we can to minimise this.”

Ed Davey

Commenting following Boris Johnson’s address to the nation on Ukraine, Liberal Democrat Leader Ed Davey said: “At this dark moment, we must renew our commitments of international cooperation and stand with our allies against this horrendous invasion.

“For too long we in the West have been complacent about the threat which Putin poses to our allies and to the fundamental values which underpin our way of life. No more.

“We must stand with the people of Ukraine and provide them with humanitarian and military aid, while unleashing the severest of sanctions against Putin and his cronies.

“The era of Russian interference in this country must come to an end. Much of the legislation needed is ready to go – it must be brought before MPs immediately. Parliament must sit this weekend, day and night if we have to, to pass the necessary measures and impose the most punitive of sanctions upon Putin’s regime.”

Brian Creese

Today (February 25) the chair of Guildford Labour, Brian Creese, commented: “Sadly, the first act of this appalling invasion has passed. Western diplomacy has been a total failure and there is little the West can now do to prevent Ukraine from falling to Putin’s forces.

“I am sure we would all like to have seen more far-reaching sanctions announced in the past few days, but we now have to look at the long term. Sanctions have a poor record of success, but when effective they have been wide-ranging, not just economic but cultural, political and personal, and long term.

“The task now is to set up devastating sanctions that will be in place for years not months. And we need to see Europe rapidly find alternative markets for its energy, as sales of oil and gas, currently, more than compensate for any economic effects of sanctions.

“For these reasons I feel any immediate recall of parliament will simply lead to more posturing and fine words rather than the concerted, long-term actions we now need to put in place.”

Guildford’s MP, Angela Richardson (Con) has been invited to respond.

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Responses to Updated: Local Lib Dem Calls for Parliament to Sit Over the Weekend to Debate Measures Against Russia

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    February 24, 2022 at 8:44 pm

    I am not sure any talk by anyone will have any benefit – the deed is done and no amount of talk talk will stop this war war.

    And, in the real world, no sanctions will have any effect (though it might be a chance to take back Sutton Place for the nation).

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