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Low Level of Coronavirus Infection Continues in Guildford and in Surrey

Published on: 20 Jul, 2020
Updated on: 21 Jul, 2020

By Martin Giles

Only four new confirmed infections of the Covid-19 virus were reported in Guildford Borough over the past seven days. There were 28 new cases in all Surrey. Both are very low figures considering the test results outside hospitals are now included.

For some weeks now, new confirmed infections in Hampshire have been at an even lower level than Surrey’s while Kent is still reporting more than 100 new cases each week.

But local authorities in Surrey and across the country remain alert so they can mount swift countermeasures on any spikes or clusters of new infections.

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Another Covid-19-associated death was reported at the Royal Surrey this week, the second in seven weeks, taking the total pandemic deaths at the hospital to 98, the lowest in the county by some margin, even when taking different hospital sizes into account. The number of Covid cases each hospital has been dealing with is not published.

Jeremy Hunt, the MP for Surrey SW, has asked for investigation of the variation in hospital mortality rates, suggesting the most efficient treatment methods, or “best practice” must be copied.

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At a national level, news that the Oxford Vaccine trial is producing good results has been welcomed, stirring hopes a vaccine might be available by the end of the year.

The mandatory wearing of face coverings in shops and supermarkets comes into force on Friday (July 24). Shop staff are not being expected to police the rules and it remains to be seen how well they will be followed. Train and bus travellers say a considerable number of passengers are ignoring the rule to cover their faces.

The testing programme aimed at those in the general population who display symptoms is soon to be augmented with the government’s planned distribution of millions of free coronavirus antibody tests after successful secret trials, national media claims.

The finger-prick tests, which can tell within 20 minutes if a person has ever been exposed to the coronavirus, were found to be 98.6% accurate in human trials in June, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The test was developed by the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC), a partnership between Oxford University and leading UK diagnostics firms.

Many experts consider a period of immunity from the virus can be expected following infection but that is still not certain and a positive test result will not negate social distancing rules. But the antibody test results will help show who has had the virus and how it is spreading in the UK.

At present, the antibody tests are offered only to NHS and care staff, as well as some hospital patients and care home residents.

Home antibody test kits are not recommended, because safety and reliability cannot yet be confirmed. Individuals can pay for a test at a private clinic.

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