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Match Reports From Castle Green Bowling Club

Published on: 18 Jun, 2013
Updated on: 18 Jun, 2013

Reports by Colin Summerhayes

The beautiful setting of the Castle Green Bowling Club.

The beautiful setting of the Castle Green Bowling Club.

On Saturday June 15, on an extremely windy day, Castle Green Bowling Club lost to Broadwater Bowling Club, in a friendly away match, by 42-57.

There was a draw on one rink (skipper Brian West, with John Heyes and Lynn Smith), and losses on the other two rinks (skipper Jill Bird, with Rob Helliwell and Pauline May; and skipper and acting captain Colin Summerhayes, with Peter Smith and Dennis Hirst-Marsden).

It was a very jolly afternoon, despite the wind, followed by excellent sandwiches and a delicious cream tea with scones, cream and jam, in the refurbished premises of the Broadwater sports ground’s rugby club.

On Sunday June 16, at the last minute, Woodbridge Hill Bowling Club cancelled their friendly game with Castle Green because they had lost seven of their agreed players.

Instead, the Castle Green players played in four teams against one another, at home, to get some match practice.

The match was won with 20 points by Jill Bird’s team, including Mary Redgwell, Dennis Hirst-Marsden and Tim Sampson.

A close second with 19 points was Derek Redgwell’s team, including Terry Smith, Colin Downham, and Rob Helliwell. Third with 17 points was  Rob Williams’ team, with Viv Smith Paul Plummer and Ann Lewis.

And last with 11 points was Colin Summerhayes’ team, with John Heyes, Margret Plummer and Patrick Andrew (in his first game ever!).

The afternoon started cool and overcast with some spits of rain, but by half way we were all shedding jackets and the game ended in sunshine, followed by a delicious tea. Club captain Diana Summerhayes, who is out of action with tennis elbow, cheered on the winners.

Saturday June 1 was the first nice warm day in a long while, and it was great to be out on the green in real sunshine and feeling quite warm for a change.

Castle Green Bowling Club was in action at home against a visiting team from Merrow, playing four teams of three players each (triples, in bowling parlance).

Castle Green won on all four rinks, with scores of 17-16 for John Reeves, Brian West and Bill Lane; 17-9 for Larry Webster, Mary Reeves and David Newman; 15-14 for Colin Summerhayes, Hazel Tappenden and Tim Sampson;  and 23-13 for Shirley West, Paul Tappenden, and Dot Newman. The overall score was 72:52. Fran Webster and Diana Summerhayes organised the afternoon tea and sandwiches.

Sunday June 2 was an equally nice day, and a delight to be out in the Castle Grounds with the band playing on the rostrum. This time, Castle Green were in action against a visiting team from Milford, and another win was in store, this time by 75:57.

The four triples teams for Castle Green were led this time by Derek Redgwell (club president), Colin Summerhayes, Larry Webster and Jill Bird. Also playing were Fran Webster, Viv and Terry Smith, Lynn and Peter Smith, Mary Redgwell, and David and Dorothy Newman.

Julie Hinde and Tim Sampson volunteered to play for Milford until two of their members, who had been stuck in traffic on the A3, managed to arrive. Rob Helliwell and Dennis Hirst-Marsden organised the tea and sandwiches.

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