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Letter: Measures Must Be Taken Following Road Accident Outside School

Published on: 10 Dec, 2012
Updated on: 10 Dec, 2012

From Hon Alderman Bernard Parke

I understand that a pupil from Queen Eleanor’s School, Guildford, was involved in a traffic accident last week outside the school gates in full view of fellow students.

I also understand that the headteacher has, on many occasion, stressed the need of road safety with parents of children attending the school.

Despite his concerns, cars are frequently parked on both sides of Queen Eleanors Road outside the school reducing its width to almost that of a single roadway.

Perhaps consideration could be given to the following suggestions which may help to reduce the present dangers.

Traffic safety wardens:

Most schools these day have a ‘lollipop person’. Queen Eleanors does not.

Volunteer road safety persons:

Volunteer road marshalls, from either a rotor of parents or staff. On reflection, there would probably be objections from the unions or legal reasons why this would not be allowed.

Double yellow lines:

Parking regulations around the school should be tightened.

Cars parked on both sides of the road hide small children passing between them and therefore are not seen by through traffic until the very last moment.

Currently there is a single yellow line. This should be made a double yellow line.

Speed limit:

A lower speed limit should be enforced. Possibly consideration could be given to installing humps in the road to slow traffic.

Extra warning signs:

A further school hazard sign should be place on the blind bend to the west of the school.

The possibilities of further danger must be met with positive action. An accident such as that witnesses last week need not and must not happen again.

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Responses to Letter: Measures Must Be Taken Following Road Accident Outside School

  1. Brian Holt Reply

    December 17, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    As a retired coach driver I have witness bad parking at almost every School in Surrey, by who? The parents themselves.
    They stop outside the school gates even if there are yellow lines. They get the children out of their cars into the middle of the Road and then stand there chatting to other parents.
    Unfortunately, until these parents are taught road safety accidents are likely to continue.
    The school in question should call a road safety officer out to see how dangerous it is.

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