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Notice: Ocean Adventurer’s Talk For Guildford Lions Club

Published on: 9 Apr, 2021
Updated on: 9 Apr, 2021

Guildford Lions logoOn Wednesday, April 28 at 7.30pm Gloria Barnett will be giving her illustrated talk Ocean World, via Zoom, as a charity fundraising event for Guildford Lions Club to support our local community.

Access to the Zoom link is just £5.

Gloria is a passionate and well-informed champion of marine conservation. She is an ocean adventurer, scuba diver, film-maker, scientist and an educator who has recently turned her hand to writing books for children, young and old.

Her exciting stories are aimed at helping us to understand the issues that threaten every one of us, as we all depend on an unpolluted ocean environment.

Gloria’s presentations and books are based on her underwater encounters in seas around the world.

She has swum with sharks, been attacked by an angry trigger fish, got stung by a jellyfish and fought off a deadly sea krait (sea snake) in the waters off the Philippines.

She has amassed extensive film footage and stories of strange and amazing sea creatures.

To register, send an email to and payment methods, by either bank transfer or PayPal or by cheque, will be sent to you by return.

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