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Photo Feature: Guildford Enjoys the Sun

Published on: 8 May, 2016
Updated on: 9 May, 2016

With temperatures up in the mid 20s this weekend we dusted off our shorts, donned our sunhats and searched in the shed for that barbie.

Here a a few images of people enjoying the sun in Guildford today… Click on any image to enlarge.

Guildford Sun May 2016 3

Many Guildfordians head for Millmead Island when the sun appears, and why not?

Guildford Sun May 2016 4

The sun also encourages our burgeoning cafe culture. Friary Street now has a good range of eateries.

Guildford Sun May 2016 5

And of course the jewel in the crown of Guildford’s parks, the Castle Grounds. Magnificent as usual.

Guildford Sun May 2016 14

What better place for a selfie?

Guildford Sun May 2016 7

And a brass band to create the right English Summer atmosphere.

Guildford Sun May 2016 8

And another magnificent bed of tulips growing through… does anyone know?

Guildford Sun May 2016 9

Meanwhile, more sunbathers in Millmead, keeping Alice and the disappearing rabbit company.

Guildford Sun May 2016 10

Selling ice creams at Millmead Lock is good business today… form a queue!

Guildford Sun May 2016 11

Swans are nesting by Millmead Lock again this year. Presumably the same pair. How many cygnets will there be?

Guildford Sun May 2016 12

And where there is sun… there will be barbecues.

Guildford Sun May 2016 13

This 97 year-old Guildfordian has obviously not seen Hitchcock’s film – “The Birds”.

Do you have any pictures of Guildford in the sun, taken this weekend (May 7/8 2016) to share? If so, please send them to:

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