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Police Warning Over Bracelets That Can Kill

Published on: 8 Mar, 2012
Updated on: 8 Mar, 2012

An urgent warning is being circulated by Surrey Police and local community safety wardens, in conjunction with the NHS, over a specific type of bracelet made from natural beans, that is being sold across the UK.

The distinctive red and black bracelets are popular with children and there are fears that they contain a toxic substance that can kill.

The distinctive red and black bracelet made of Jequirity beans.

NHS health bosses say the beans contain the toxic plant protein abrin which, if crushed and eaten, even in small amounts, could kill.

The bracelets have been sold at various tourist attractions across the UK, including the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The NHS is urging people who have bought these bracelets to bag them and wash their hands and avoid touching their eyes or mouth as exposure to even a small amount may be fatal.

They can be returned to the shop where they were bought and a refund will be given.

Anyone who comes in contact with the bracelets should contact their local GP, or in an emergency call an ambulance.

A local newspaper in Shropshire reported that there had been rumours on the internet that it was just a hoax, but added the Eden Project confirmed on its website that ingestion of the beans could prove fatal. The Jequirity bean is commonly used in jewellery in West Africa.

The warning notes that the Eden Project has sold 2,800 of these bracelets over the past year year and that they have been sold by at least 36 other retailers across the UK.

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