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Pupils’ Artwork Inspired By Christmas Truce Of 1914

Published on: 24 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 24 Dec, 2020

The unofficial Christmas truce of 1914 during the First World War, when British and German troops put down their weapons and greeted each other in No-man’s Land on the Western Front, is a well known story.

Young people growing up continue to learn about these remarkable events – a brief moment of goodwill before troops had to obey orders and resumed fighting each other.

Pupil Amelie’s artwork reflecting on the Christmas truce of 1914.

Now, Year 6 pupils at Boxgrove Primary School in Merrow have produced moving artwork inspired by this memorable moment in history.

The project, which took place in December, is one of the ways staff at Boxgrove have sought to bring the history curriculum alive through the medium of art.

The school says the aim was to allow children to explore their emotional response to war, conflict and peace, rather than just learning the facts from a text.

Pupil Thomas’ artwork.

It is hoped the artwork will also bring to the wider school community a much-needed pause for reflection during a time of great hardship across the country.

The school’s co-head teacher, Alison Fitch, said: “You can see from these pictures that children have really engaged with the subject material and brought their own unique insight to an event which continues to inspire.

Artwork by Sebastian.

“These are the lessons that linger in young minds for years to come and I am really proud of our pupils for conjuring images of beauty and hope at such a difficult time.”

Children in Year 6 will continue the curriculum, which links different subjects in a way that deepens their meaning, next term.

Oscar’s artwork.

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