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R4GV Pledges Full GBC Co-operation With Hopes of Fair Share of Power

Published on: 17 May, 2019
Updated on: 20 May, 2019

Residents For Guildford and Villages (R4GV), led by Joss Bigmore, are optimistic of places on the new GBC Executive with the Liberal Democrat pledge to involve all councillors in decision-making.

New GBC leader Caroline Reeves is still considering the makeup of the Executive Committee which can have up to 10 members.

In a press statement, Cllr Bigmore said: “We are genuinely pleased that the Liberal Democrats share our policy commitment to make decision-making more representative.We congratulate Cllr Reeves and her group, and we will fully support her in our shared policy aims.

“We represent the largest group on the council and we had high hopes of fulfilling the overwhelming support we have had from thousands of people across the borough for a fresh approach on how the council is run.

“It is now up to Cllr Reeves to deliver on her party manifesto’s opposition to an Executive controlled by a single party..

“We are optimistic that she will ensure we have a collaborative and co-operative mix of councillors on the Executive that reflects the wishes of the residents of the borough and her own party’s pledges.

“We are pleased that the Chamber supported our nominations for the chairmanships of:

Corporate Governance and Standards Cllr Tim Anderson
Community Executive Advisory Board Cllr John Redpath
Overview and Scruitny Committee Cllr Joss Bigmore


R4GV Cllrs Maddy Redpath and John Rigg were appointed as champion of older persons and Armed Forces deputy champion respectively, with Liberal Democrat colleagues as counterparts.

Cllr Bigmore added: “We would like to thank everyone who supports the concept of a fresh approach to running Guildford Borough Council and who elected us to represent them.

“We will be doing everything in our powers to work across all party groups to ensure we have an open and transparent council focused on meeting residents’ needs and wishes, rather than national political party policies.

The R4GV press release notes the following quotes from the Liberal Democrat manifesto: “Power at Guildford Borough Council is concentrated in the hands of the cabinet picked by the leader of the ruling party. All other councillors are too often excluded from decision-making, undermining accountability and scrutiny.

“…we will continue to focus on making Guildford Borough Council more accountable to residents.

“…a Liberal Democrat-run or -led council administration would work to ensure that all councillors, regardless of party affiliation, are involved in decision-making and empowered to hold the council leadership to account.”

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