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Letter: Reader Contributions a Splendid Idea

Published on: 12 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 12 Apr, 2020
From Gordon Bridger
Hon alderman and former Mayor of Guildford
Fiona Yeomans’ letter suggesting reader contributions is a splendid idea. I am sure you would find many contributors to ensure that you become a financially viable institution.

Having been a frequent contributor since 1968 to The Surrey Advertiser, I found its weekly letters and debate made little impact on local issues. Of late, it has been spreading its interests more widely and failing to cover many important local issues

The Guildford Dragon NEWS has transformed our knowledge of local issues, enabled excellent debates and has revealed views and news and political events which have transformed our community

That this highly professional online newspaper is produced almost daily, all with voluntary effort at no cost to its readers, is an incredible achievement and we must all be grateful to those responsible.

I am sure many of us would contribute to make the Dragon a more sustainable independent provider of news about Guildford and I hope your search for someone to manage a fund is answered.

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Responses to Letter: Reader Contributions a Splendid Idea

  1. William Dewey Reply

    April 12, 2020 at 3:31 pm

    What is the latest information on the Wey tumbling bay refurbishment? I can see rather heavy 4N sheet piles being installed but the scope of repairs is not immediately apparent?

    Editor’s response: We have provisionally arranged an interview with representatives from Guildford Borough Council next Wednesday (April 15). An article will be published as soon as possible thereafter.

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