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Running for a Cousin’s Life

Published on: 21 Jun, 2013
Updated on: 21 Jun, 2013

by Victoria Lazarevic

A 33 year old Royal Navy coxswain and professional boxing coach will run 240 miles next week, stopping overnight in Wonersh, to save the life of his two-year-old cousin Amelia-Mae.

John Murray hopes to raise £25,000, 10% of the amount needed to pay for treatment in New York for his cousin who is suffering from a childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma

The run starts next Friday morning, June 26, from Sussex University in Brighton and finishes six days later at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool.

Among the runners are; Amelia-Mae’s two cousins, friends and event co-ordinator Lizzy Caseltons, two Royal Navy physical training instructors and two professional boxers. Amelia-Mae’s story featured on ITV last night (June 20) and John told me the plan is for an ITV representative from each area they pass through will join them to do some filming. A promotional video has already been produced.

John was already active in supporting a children’s charity; the Indee Rose Trust before Amelia became unwell and he told me: “When I first found out she had Neuroblastoma, I went in my Navy uniform to give Amelia a Treasure Box from them”.

John Murray with his cousin

John Murray with cousin, Amelia-Mae

“From what I have seen, and because she is family, there needs to be action.”

When asked about the run next week he said: “The reason I designed the run was because the harder the challenge the more respect you get… if people are runners and going through extremes it is more plausible asking for money that way.” The runners will be seen running in different coloured T shirts each day, sponsored by different boxing gyms to mirror the colourfulness of the Neuroblastoma Alliance logo.

At the end of their first 40 mile leg on Friday they will run through Cranleigh and Shamley Green towards their overnight stop at the Barnett Hill Hotel in Wonersh, Guildford. The hotel’s general manager, Tim Hall said: “When they arrive we will make sure they have everything they need.”

Barnet Hill Hotel where the runners will spend the night.

Barnett Hill Hotel where the runners will spend the night.

They leave the hotel at 6am on Saturday morning and run through Guildford past Guildford Cricket Club to begin a new day of running. Click here to see John’s route.

Research into Neuroblastoma is supported locally by a charity based in East Horsley called Abbie’s Fund. Founder and trustee, Claire Attard said: “Abbie’s Fund was set up in 2005 by a couple of mothers who were close to Abbie’s family.  The main reason was to raise money for research into Neuroblastoma.

“We have raised over £300,000 so far which has been used in various research projects. We have been funding a project over the last 3 years which is being run by some of the leading experts in Neuroblastoma at Institute of Cancer Research at The Royal Marsden.  This is to find a simple blood test for the disease. They are getting closer to achieving this.

“We send our heartfelt best wishes to all the runners and in particular to Amelia-Mae and her family.”

The runners have already raised £10,000 of their target through other events. Money was collected for Amelia-Mae at an amateur boxing event 2 weeks ago and there will be a boxing event to raise money in Portsmouth on July 13.

Click here to see the funds facebook page and click here if you wish to donate.

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