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Salvation Army Food Bank Thanks Rotarians For Their Support

Published on: 18 Dec, 2020
Updated on: 18 Dec, 2020

Guildford’s three Rotary clubs have been supporting the town’s Salvation Army food bank with cash donations and food parcels.

Collectively, Guildford, Guildford District and Guildford Chantries Rotary clubs, donated £3,000 to the Salvation Army during the first lockdown and have been helping again recently.

Guildford Salvation Army provides regular food baskets or parcels to around 250 local families. It aims to increase this over the Christmas period and would like to provide vouchers to needy children to enable them to acquire Christmas toys.

And Guildford Rotarians have just donated a further £6,000 to enable these objectives to be achieved.

Mayor Catherine Rand at Guildford Salvation Army in Woodbridge Road, pictured with food bank helper Michael More-Molyneux. Picture courtesy of Guildford Salvation Army.

In thanking the Guildford Rotary clubs, Guildford Salvation Army’s Major Catherine Rand, said: “This year’s pandemic has had a massive effect on our food bank.

“Prior to March and the lockdown, we were helping about 30-plus people a week with food parcels. Since the pandemic, this has shot up to over 250 food parcels a week. We have been very blessed with food and financial donations during these difficult times.

“It has been testing times for us in many ways but without the support from Friends of Guildford Salvation Army we could never have been able to help our community in Guildford the way we have.

“We want to again thank members of the Rotary clubs for their support and to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a blessed new year.”

For further information about the activities of Rotary in Guildford click here from where you can go to the individual websites of the three clubs.

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