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Sex Entertainment in Guildford – Last Chance to Have Your Say

Published on: 7 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 8 Jun, 2012

Your views on licensing sexual entertainment venues in Guildford are being sought by Guildford Borough Council. But hurry, the consultation closes at 4.30 tomorrow (Friday, 8 Jun).

The council is concerned that if extra powers are not taken the council will not be able to sufficiently regulate sexual entertainment venues in the borough.

Currently, according to a council report, there is only one known sexual entertainment venue, the Casino Players Lounge in Onslow Street. Two premises licences have been granted at the same venue where required conditions are in place to stage striptease but activities of this nature are not currently being conducted. There are no known ‘sex establishments’ in the borough.

Public views are being sought as a necessary precursor to the council taking greater control over the granting of licences. It is intended to take advantage of legislation enacted in the 2009 Policing and Crime Act which reclassifies lap dancing clubs and similar premises as sexual entertainment venues and, via the Local Government Act 1982, provides local authorities with greater regulatory powers.

The 1982 Act is ‘adoptive’ so the provisions cannot be used unless the council has resolved that the relevant schedule of Act should come into force in its area.

As GBC did not resolve to adopt the provisions of the 1982 Act by 5 April 2011 it must now ‘as soon as is reasonably practicable’, consult local people about whether it should adopt these wider powers.

Public consultation on the proposal is just the first stage of the process. Following this consultation, if councillors decide to adopt the new powers, the council will publish a draft policy and ask people for their views on it.

Click here to got to the relevant page of the GBC website:

The webpage includes a link to the public survey.

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