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Shalford’s Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Names Its First Art Patron

Published on: 9 Aug, 2020
Updated on: 8 Aug, 2020

‘Mother’ a mixed media artwork painted by Emily Lamb during lockdown in 2020.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF), based in Shalford, is delighted to announce that Emily Lamb, David’s eldest grand-daughter and a renowned wildlife artist, has been appointed as DSWF’s first Art Patron.

Like her grandfather and aunt Mandy Shepherd, Emily is hugely successful, having created world-class pieces which highlight the beauty, interconnectivity and dependency of wildlife and people on n2ature, such as “Mother”, “Within and World” and “Gatekeepers”.

Ms Lamb said: “It couldn’t be with a stronger will and with heartfelt gratitude, that I accept and acknowledge my new role. Observing what the natural world is facing today, and how fragile the future is for ecosystems to thrive, let alone flourish, I believe it’s imperative to work with honest, strong and good people, who dare to challenge current frameworks to bring about change.”

DSWF is a highly respected and well-loved charity which has become a key player in the conservation field. Tantamount to the Foundation’s success is the Shepherd family and its unique wildlife art heritage.

Emily Lamb sketching in Namibia. Photo: James Kydd

Ms Lamb has always been a part of the DSWF family, more recently in an official capacity as a wildlife art ambassador, pioneering the #SketchforWildlife Instagram movement, successfully raising more than £40,000 for DSWF’s conservation efforts across Africa and Asia. She is also a judge in our international Wildlife Artist of the Year competition and exhibition, often described as the “Oscars of wildlife art”.

“The arts have always had their place in the fabric of humanity and its relationship with the natural world,” Ms Lamb added. “I believe that through art, supporting DSWF’s amazing work, it can contribute and share the stories of wildlife, in a way intrinsic to soulful and steadfast recovery.

“If I can share my art and build up the foundations created by three decades of hard work, then it is an honour and privilege to partake in such endeavours.”

The trustees feel Ms Lamb truly embodies DSWF’s “Art of Survival” message, to fight, protect and engage on behalf of wildlife across the world, making her the natural choice for this new position.

Her creative flair is a welcome addition to the DSWF team and will be a shepherding light in driving our “Art of Survival” programmes. Art is DSWF’s lifeblood. Wildlife Artist of the Year, Artist of the Month and our Global Canvas children’s art competition are critical fundraising tools that not only showcase magnificent wildlife art and highlight global conservation issues but raise lifegiving funds for some of the world’s most endangered wildlife.

Ms Lamb’s sister, Georgina, was made the chief executive of the foundation in April 2020.

David Shepherd in his studio. Photo: Becky Thomas.

While art is the Foundation’s lifeblood, the Shepherd family is at its heart. “Art is long, and life is short,” said David Shepherd, who used to live at Hascombe, was one of the world’s most successful and prolific wildlife artists.

He dedicated his life and work to protecting wildlife and the wilderness and strongly believed he had to give back to the creatures that not only inspired him as an artist but he felt he owed them his commercial success to. He started DSWF 36 years ago.

Ms Lamb said: “Art throughout history has not only dared to challenge fraught times head-on, through messaging and visual prowess but has also shed light on an otherwise very dark battlefield, which needs more energy than ever before.

“Community is our power, and through art, its power is infinite. This is what I believe, and so I take the role with great anticipation and excitement.”

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