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Shop Front: Maccheroni’s – Traditional Italian Cuisine Now Open In The Friary

Published on: 26 Dec, 2015
Updated on: 23 Dec, 2015

If you are looking for traditional, authentic, Italian cuisine, look no further than Maccheroni’s in Guildford’s Friary Centre.

The new shop opened on October 6 and promises the very best quality Italian food at reasonable prices.

Friendly staff at Maccheroni's. You don't have to speak Italian to work there, but it helps.

Friendly staff at Maccheroni’s. You don’t have to speak Italian to work there, but it helps.

Maccheroni’s feel that the Italian food which is served around the globe has changed so much that it is almost an entirely different product. When you go to Maccheronis, you share the amazing Italian cuisine  that is “just like we used to eat at grandma’s”.

So, Maccheroni aims to reintroduce the real Italy to our food – to eat in or take away.

And the authenticity runs with the staff as well. You don’t have to speak Italian to work there but it helps!

Traditional Italian food at Maccheroni's - to eat in or take away.

Traditional Italian food at Maccheroni’s – to eat in or take away.

The Maccheroni roots date back to the 1990s in Italy, within the medieval walls of Viterbo, a little town in the north of Rome.

Everything arises from Maccheroni’s passion and will to revisit old recipes in a creative style, by looking for innovation in the Italian tradition and by keeping a strong bond with the raw materials coming from that fantastic land.

Maccheroni's in The Friary

Maccheroni’s in the Friary Centre.

But they dream big. They don’t intend to stick at just Guildford – their aim is to spread the quality of the Maccheroni recipes and foods all over the world.

Well, as long as Guildford gets the benefit, we will all be happy.

To go to the Maccheroni website with details of meals and offers, click here.

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