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Singer’s New Single Is Inspired By Her Late Father

Published on: 2 Jul, 2013
Updated on: 2 Jul, 2013

By Sam Liddicott

Elena Ramona, 23, is among a growing band of talent bringing their own voice and identity to music.

Based in Guildford, she attended the Academy of Contemporary Music where she obtained a diploma in vocals and high vocals.

Singer Elena Ramona.

Singer Elena Ramona.

The story behind her single Rise has an air of tragedy. Elena’s father died of cancer and the track is dedicated to him and is inspired by him.

Martyn Corbet co-produced and recorded the track and is a major inspiration, according to Elena.

The initial, romantic piano parable is tender and touching: summoning a soft and touching mood ahead of the vocal entry.

When our heroine begins, her voice is passionate and soft. “Just a little girl and a tape recorder” flows into ambition and a dedicated persistence: “Keeping my spirit shining bright”.

At times the voice has country-tinged edges; when Elena’s voice quivers during “You saw in me…”, there is an element of blues and soul: there are hints of US idols such as Alicia Keys.

In the way that the song presents its key themes and cores: “You taught me how to rise” is probably the most meaningful.

The verses are touching and thought-provoking, while the chorus has an uplifting and redemptive coda (and a catchiness to it).

Martyn Corbet’s production galvanises and shines the sound making everything crystal-clear and concise. Each word and note can be heard concisely with the emphasis placed on the voice (it is placed high in the mix) so that it stands out strongest.

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