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Stage Dragon Interview: Daniel Boys from High Society

Published on: 27 Jun, 2013
Updated on: 27 Jun, 2013

Daniel Boys, left, with Marilyn Cutts and Michael Praed: three stars of the show.

The “most glamorous gig” is heading for Guildford.

The Guildford Dragon NEWS Interviews Daniel Boys who is starring as Mike Connor in High Society at G Live 9-13 July 2013

We will remember Daniel Boys from our Saturday nights as he auditioned to be ‘Joseph’ in Andrew Lloyds Weber’s televised auditions: ‘Any dream will do’, in 2007. He is now starring in the revival production of Cole Porter’s High Society, which is on a UK tour ending in Guildford July 9th–13th 2013.

Daniel has danced, sung and charmed his way centre stage to release his debut album So close and an endless list of stage performances. He is presently starring as Mike Connor in High Society and spoke with a Stage Dragon before his matinee performance today at the Wycombe Swan.

Daniel graduated from the Guildford School of Acting in 2001 and told me High Society will be his first performance in Guildford since he left, although he has been back a few times to do a few workshops with the students.

His parents live in nearby Camberley so Daniel said: “I have known Guildford all my life having grown up in this area and will be very happy to be back.” His parents have already seen him perform the show  in Canterbury but they can’t get enough. “They are coming this week to High Wycombe and will come with other family and friends to the last night at G Live in Guildford.”

When asked about who the audience for this show are, he replied: “Given the nature of the show, High Society by Cole Porter does attract an older age group, although it doesn’t mean to say younger people wouldn’t enjoy it.

“Friends have been to see it and have absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, because it is an old fashioned musical [which previously starred Frank Sinatra, Grace Kelly and Bing Crosby] some people may think it’s not very ‘me’ but it’s one of those shows that you can’t help but smile through. It’s got such lovely tunes, tunes you wouldn’t realise are Cole Porter, transporting you to the 1930’s.”

So I asked how he could make Cole Porter seem ‘cool’ to the younger generation. He suggested: “Because of shows like Glee and the hit series Smash in America and Britannia High over here, singing and dancing is generally becoming more accepted and cool… more so than when I was growing up when there was a stigma attached. The X Factor show has also encouraged people to sing, so a younger generation realise it’s a fun and good thing to do.”

The whole party feel and the glamour of High Society reminded him of the remake movie, The Great Gatsby with Leonardo Di Caprio, “it’s a beautiful show.”

When I congratulated him on recently winning the Neighbours theme tune competition, he said: “It’s so surreal… to say that I sing the Neighbours theme tune is quite exciting”.

He had described being on the Neighbours set as the ‘coolest gig’, so I asked him what sort of gig he would describe performing in High Society as? He replied: “It has to be the ‘most glamorous gig’…It’s got beautiful costumes and Hollywood glamour at its best.”

I asked Daniel to summarise what I am to expect when I go and see High Society at G live in a couple of weeks, he described: “A feel good, lovely, romantic, glamorous evening with toe tapping songs. You’ll love it.”

This Stage Dragon(ette) is off to dig out my sequins, she can’t wait!

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