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Stoughton Residents Want A 20mph Speed Limit On Their ‘Rat Run’ Road

Published on: 26 Jun, 2013
Updated on: 28 Jun, 2013

The crest of this hill combined with a bend creates a blind spot and makes the Sheepfold Road especially dangerous.

Report and photos by Liz Raum

The residents of Sheepfold Road, Stoughton want a 20mph speed restriction placed on their road. They say it is used as a ‘rat run’ which is made especially dangerous by a blind spot caused by a bend in the road near the crest of a hill.

At the joint borough and county council Local Committee meeting last week, representatives presented a petition with more than 130 signatures in support of their application for reducing the current speed limit from 30mph, as a traffic calming measure.

Cllr Fiona White (SCC, Lib Dem, Guildford West) was asked to help. She feels that the community has a very good case.

She said: “Through routes become very dangerous with cars parked on either side. A slower speed limit means less chance of a serious accident.

“We need to start making people aware that they are on a residential road and to drive at an appropriate speed. Twenty miles per hour is appropriate for the area.”

Cllr White warned that the process might be difficult. She said: “The more we can encourage people to be active, the more we can get something done.”

470 Sheepfold 2 DSCN0258

A resident of Sheepfold Road, who asked that their name was not used, said: “Our road is purely a residential road and is an appropriate area for 20mph zone. Virtually every house responded to the petition and supports reducing the speed limit.”

Cllr Pauline Searle (Lib Dem, Stoughton), also supports the petition. She said: “It’s a residential road, a quiet road with people walking, and unloading their cars, children about. 20 mph is appropriate for the area and for Sheepfold Road.”

But she warned: “Reducing the speed limit is very difficult because you have to have the Highway Authority on board, but more importantly you must have the residents behind you.

“The residents have to be happy with this plan for it to be successful.” and judging by the number of positive responses and signatures that hurdle has already been cleared.”

Stoughton’s newly elected councillor, Lizzie Griffiths (Lib Dem, Stoughton) is another supporter. She said: “It is a good idea. Something really needs to be done but it will take a bit of time.”


Cars line the road, often narrowing it to single track.

The Rev’d Rupert Masters, a minister at Emmanuel Church, and who lives next to the church in nearby Shepherds Lane, is a member of the local neighbourhood watch team. He said: “Something needs to be done.

“Commuters using the road just don’t seem aware that the street a residential street. There have been accidents in the past but luckily no serious accidents, that I know of, yet.”

Surrey Police was invited to comment but no response had been received at the time of publication.

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Responses to Stoughton Residents Want A 20mph Speed Limit On Their ‘Rat Run’ Road

  1. Bernard Parke Reply

    June 26, 2013 at 8:59 am

    All Guildford residential roads should have a strict 20 mph limit.

    However, the problem is enforcing such at restriction.

  2. Raineee Wornham Reply

    July 2, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    I live in Northway. It is a residential road too.

    We conducted a Community Speed Watch and caught cars going as fast as 50mph but nothing was done.

    We get lorries over 7.5 tons down it daily and speeding cars 24/7. There have been three accidents in the same amount of nights, writing off residents’ cars.

    I have been trying since 1999 to get something done. Two petitions have been sent and all we got told was no one has been killed and they don’t have the funds to do anything. Northway is a high-speed ‘rat run’. The residents of Northway should be able to live in peace without the fear of their children or the elderly being killed or having to listen to speeding cars all day and night, disturbing their sleep and damaging their cars.

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