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Supermarket Blaze Shocks Effingham Shopkeepers – Photos of Damage

Published on: 21 Apr, 2020
Updated on: 22 Apr, 2020

Smoke billowing from the rear of the Village Supermarket in Effingham

report and photos by Chris Dick

Firefighters successfully extinguished a blaze that broke out today (April 21) at the rear of Village Supermarket in The Street, Effingham.

The alarm was raised by employees at about 12.45pm.

Two fire engines arrived followed by a further seven including a support and command vehicle.

The fire was contained but billowing black smoke and fumes from burning plastic and small explosions that shook the front windows caused neighbouring shops to be evacuated.

Smoke also emerged from Bevan’s butchers next door.

Smoke and fumes had penetrated Bevan’s butcher’s shop next door and the flat above the supermarket and the firefighters used fans to try to clear them.

A firefighter plays his hose on the rear of the Village Supermarket thought to be where the fire started.

There were no reports of any injuries.

Reporting from the scene, Chris Dick the Effingham Eye columnist said: “The shopkeepers were all, understandably, in a state of shock and panic.

“The man who attends the post office counter in the supermarket was rushing about deeply concerned and the lady from behind the food counter was screaming at him to come away from the fire.

“I tried to get him away from the supermarket but he seemed deaf to my calls too. It was only when the fire brigade arrived that he moved back.

“The butchers from the nearby shop were also beyond speech. The speed of the fire shocked everyone.”

It is not yet known how the fire started.

Residents gather to view the damage.

Smoke damaged inside Village Supermarket

The owner of the Village Supermarket Bala Chandran told The Dragon: “Ragu and his wife were working in the shop when someone came in and said smoke was coming from the flat above. By the time they had gone out to see what was happening the storeroom at the back was alight. We have no idea how it started”.

The storeroom at the rear destroyed by the fire

According to Mr Chandran thousands of pounds worth of beer was destroyed and the full extent of the damage was round £70,000. The upstairs flat had broken windows and extensive fire damage. He added: “We don’t know when we will be able to open again.”

Rear of the Village Supermarket and flat above.

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