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Talk Will Reveal Rich History of Guildford Castle

Published on: 7 Jun, 2012
Updated on: 8 Jun, 2012

The Great Tower of keep of Guildford Castle.

The rich history of Guildford Castle is the subject of an illustrated talk by Dr Mary Alexander at Ye Olde Ship Inn, Portsmouth Road, St Catherine’s Village on Monday, June 11, at 8pm.

During its long history, Guildford Castle has been a symbol of oppression, a royal palace, county gaol, unsuccessful dwelling, a landmark in a public garden and emblem of the town.

Learn more about the second oldest building in Guildford and the people who have lived within it.

The talk has been arranged by Dragon Enterprises and costs £3. No need to book, just go along. Why not combine the talk by having a meal at the pub beforehand? Click here to see Ye Olde Ship Inn’s website.

Dr Alexander has extensively researched the site of Guildford Castle and has published her findings in her book With Ramparts Crown’d – The Early History of Guildford Castle.

Her latest book is George Abbot’s Guildford, which looks at the town and the Abbot family in Tudor and Stuart times.

More details about the talk on 01483 537551.

Remains of the castle buildings seen in a 1900s picture postcard.

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