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The Secret To Success – How To Be A Great Entrepreneur

Published on: 15 Nov, 2012
Updated on: 15 Nov, 2012

Chris Cairns, Alliotts

Chris Cairns from Alliotts Accountants based in Surrey and London specialises in helping entrepreneurs take that next step forward to grow their business.  Here he gives his seven top tips to entrepreneurs hoping to take the next step on the road to business success:

  1. Own, understand and deliver your mission – an entrepreneur must own, believe and deliver their business plan whilst also seeking out additional ideas to help the business grow
  2. Embrace the magnitude of the business opportunity – understand your market and the commercial opportunities exist there
  3. Develop leadership skills and create excitement about your business.  It is important to enable all team members to have a sense of belonging and belief about the business
  4. Remember, your team need to understand your strategy with absolute clarity as well as how they fit within it so make sure you guide them and support them
  5. Make time in every day to step back from the business and think about how to make it better.
  6. Your personal life, family and needs are an intrinsic part of you and need to be an intrinsic part of how you do business
  7. Always treat everyone in your team and who you do business with exactly as you would wish to be treated.  It is perhaps a trite expression but one that is often forgotten in modern busy businesses and will make your business stand out against others

Chris said: “All people who set up their own business are entrepreneurs.  The difference between those that succeed and those that fail is down to how hard as a business owner you are prepared to work to make it succeed.  I have met and worked with many  business owners helping them to develop innovative ideas and planning how to make their businesses work better for them.  The ones that do well are the ones that are prepared to work hard and have a strong sense of belief in what they are doing.   There is no secret to success, there is simply hard work and good planning.”

Chris Cairns is a Partner at Alliotts Accountants based in Guildford and London.  For help and advice with your financial affairs, he can be contacted at

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