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Theatre: Satirical Look At Marriage When It Goes ‘Open’

Published on: 15 Feb, 2013
Updated on: 15 Feb, 2013

Posing for publicity shots wearing very little indeed in the middle of winter is not the most enviable of pastimes, but two Herald Players gamely bared (nearly) all for the cameras to promote its upcoming production of The Open Couple at the Star Inn in Quarry Street, Guildford.

The Open Couple v2

The Herald Players present The Open Couple at the Star, Quarry Street, from February 26 to March 2.

They had hoped that the board they had been holding, on which the legend The Open Couple will appear, would have been a bit bigger but agreed that all had gone well. Both actors are keen to point out that, while the play contains adult content, there is no nudity in the show.

The Open Couple is a fast-moving satirical look at marriage when it goes ‘open’ with supremacy swapping swiftly from man to woman and back again with hilarious results.

It has all the elements of farce and quick-fire repartee for which legendary Italian theatre partnership Dario Fo and Franca Rame are renowned. Based on their personal experience, it was originally intended to be read only by a select group of friends as an apology to Franca for Dario’s dalliances. However, it proved so successful when staged by one of the friends in Stockholm that Dario directed Franca in an Italian production, although he declined to play the man himself.

Translator Stuart Hood urges companies to update the text to reflect current happenings and in the spirit of Dario Fo’s method, the company is continuing to update the script as rehearsals progress.

The Open Couple runs at the Star Inn, from Wednesday, February 26, to Saturday, March 2, at 8pm. Tickets are £7.50 at the door. Email info@heraldplayers for more information.

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