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They’re Talking About Museum’s Vintage Photos Of Guildford On YouTube

Published on: 31 Jul, 2021
Updated on: 1 Aug, 2021

Guildford Museum has teamed up with local historian and writer David Rose to record three short conversation films focusing on vintage photos of the town.

The first can now be viewed on YouTube, with the second and third coming soon.

This and the following images are screenshots from the first of the Guildford Streets films now uploaded to YouTube.

Called Guildford Streets, David Rose in conversation with Melanie Holliker, the first looks at vintage photos of the High Street. The second focuses on North Street and the third, Quarry Street.

David said: “I have worked with the museum’s access officer Melanie Holliker before on history topics and exhibitions at the museum, and I was delighted when she invited me to make these films.

“I was emailed copies of the images chosen for the project before we made the three films. And I have to say most of the images I know quite well. We didn’t script our conversations, they just flowed naturally in one take for each.

“I hope my comments and stories on what the photos show will be of interest to all who view the films. The images of the High Street Melanie and I talk about in the first film date from the mid-19th century through to the 1960s.”

The borough council’s Guildford Heritage Services department says that Guildford Museum, next to Guildford Castle Grounds in Quarry Street, has a large photographic collection dating from the 1800s.

It adds: “The photographs show buildings and streets, as well as people going about their daily lives. These images of the heart of the town capture people looking directly at the camera, while some are completely unaware of being photographed. Discover the High Street full of horse-drawn vehicles and livestock markets, and see North Street quiet and calm, a contrast to today’s hustle and bustle.”

Vintage images of Guildford in the museum’s collection can also be seen in a current exhibition at the museum, and also on its website, both called Guildford Streets.

The Guildford Streets exhibition is the result of an ongoing project to digitise the museum’s photographic collection and put it online to make it more accessible to the public.

Visitors to the museum can also pick up a free copy of Guildford Streets Family Fun to take a closer look at the photographs on display.

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Responses to They’re Talking About Museum’s Vintage Photos Of Guildford On YouTube

  1. Julie Howarth Reply

    July 31, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    Thanks David and Melanie for sharing the first of your conversations about vintage images of Guildford Streets dating back to 1860s.

    Always interested to hear about Guildford past.

    Such is YouTube that it then invited us on video walks round Guildford streets and we watched two surreal ones posted in March and June this year – archives of masked people ‘going about their daily lives’ in fairly deserted streets with closed shops and ‘to let’ signs.

    We imagine the ‘David Rose’ of the 2180s sharing his historical knowledge of what was going on in 2021 and who occupied which premises when!

    What will Guildford life be like then?

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