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UKIP Report Support From Across The Political Spectrum As Cranleigh Councillor Switches

Published on: 16 Apr, 2013
Updated on: 19 Apr, 2013
Cllr Brett Vorley who has switched his allegiance from The Conservatives to UKIP

Cllr Brett Vorley who has switched his allegiance from the Conservatives to UKIP

Disillusioned voters in Guildford from across the political spectrum are ringing UKIP to offer their support in the forthcoming county council elections, according to its local chairman Garreth Evans.

News that a Conservative councillor in nearby Cranleigh, serving on Waverley Borough Council, has switched his allegiance has only encouraged him further.

On Saturday a press release stated: “UKIP Surrey is delighted to announce that another councillor has decided to switch allegiance to the party. Mr Brett Vorley a Conservative councillor in the Cranleigh East Ward of Waverley has joined UKIP with immediate effect.”

Mr Vorley said: “I have worked long and diligently for the people of Cranleigh East, but have been frustrated for some time that the Conservative Party seems to have lost its way at both a local and national level.

“This was never an easy decision to make but I believe that UKIP offers the the voters of Cranleigh the policies to restore faith that local politicians are working in the taxpayers best interest.”

Cllr Vorley. although representing Cranleigh East on Waverley Borough Council, lives in The Crossways, Onslow Village, Guildford, according to the Waverley Borough Council website.

Garreth Evans said: “One of the more interesting aspects to Brett Vorley and many other councillors across the country joining UKIP is that it reflects a complete disenchantment with the state of the country.

“Voters feel completely disenfranchised from the current political parties. When I have been canvassing I am commonly asked, ‘Why is it that our politicians feel they they are so much more intelligent than us so they can override public  opinion all the time’. My sense is that this has now gone on for so long that voters are now yearning for change.

“Here in Guildford, just in the last week, I have had life-long Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative voters call and offer active support for our campaign. My personal view is that this will continue with more councillor defections more electoral success for UKIP.”

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