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University Gets £7m from BP to Fund New Petroleum Centre

Published on: 20 Nov, 2012
Updated on: 20 Nov, 2012

The chemistry department at the University of Surrey has received £7 million to fund the new Centre for Petroleum and Surface Chemistry (BP-CPSC) from oil giant BP.

University of Surrey

The investment will create two academic posts, two technical posts, two post-doctoral researchers and provide for four post-graduate students under the leadership of Dr Spence Taylor. The BP-CPSC will be located in its own facilities within the Department of Chemistry.

The team will be researching new ways of gathering and handling heavy and viscous oils and make the recovery of oil ‘greener’ by reducing its footprint. The university  hopes to be able to extend the chemistry programmes it offers as a result of the investment.

Dr Taylor said: “BP’s investment in the CPSC provides an outstanding opportunity to acquire and apply key scientific knowledge that will help to unlock heavier oils from their reservoirs.

“This will enable the responsible exploitation of this valuable resource in years to come. Our goal of improving all aspects of recovery will be centered on chemistry but will benefit from a broader multidisciplinary approach.

“In addition, being affiliated to the Department of Chemistry, it is hoped that the centre will also inspire the development of new undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes relating to petroleum chemistry.”

“The research will be used to help improve recovery and minimise the impact of heavy and viscous oil production globally,” said Chris West of BP’s unconventional oil technology group.

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