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When Will Spring Come? Icicles in Worplesdon Follow Weekend Snow

Published on: 26 Mar, 2013
Updated on: 26 Mar, 2013
It might be spring but these icicles last all day day in Worplesdon - Photo Annette Back

It might be spring but these icicles lasted all day day in Worplesdon – Photo Annette Back

Regular Dragon NEWS reader, Annette Back has sent in this amazing photograph of icicles that had formed at the bottom of a beech hedge in Holly Lane, Worplesdon.

She said: “I was on on my way to shop in Knaphill, via the post-office at Fairlands, at about 11.30am when I first noticed them. They were just in one place spreading along the roadside for approx 12ft. On my return home to Rydes Hill  I decided to go back with my camera and took the photo around 1.45pm.”

With sub zero temperatures forecast for the remainder of this week and over the Easter weekend it looks like we are stuck with this mid-winter type weather for a while yet. Meteorologists are saying that while the jet stream remains further south we will continue to suffer the cold winds blowing in from Russia.

Meanwhile scientists are now saying that the old wives’ tale that cows sit down when it is about to rain might have a grain of truth. A study in the United States noted that cows do stand for longer periods when it is hot to reduce their temperature by exposing more of their surface area. When they wish to conserve heat they lie down. The researchers speculate that cows can sense the drop in air pressure that often precedes rain.

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