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Work Done, The Gas Man Goeth In Quarry Street

Published on: 21 May, 2020
Updated on: 23 May, 2020

by David Rose

The work to replace gas pipes along the A281 and Quarry Street in the centre of Guildford has been completed ahead of schedule.

The work that began in February, and involved certain specific road closures and re-routing of traffic, has been undertaken by gas services firm SGN.

Work to replace gas pipes in the centre of Guildford has been completed. Quarry Street, seen here on May 21, 2020, the patches in the asphalt show where the road had been dug up.

In an email update on Tuesday, May 29, to residents, businesses and services within the area of the works (reproduced below), SGN’s stakeholder and community manager, Paige Roberts, thanked them for their patience and understanding, saying the work was completed ahead of schedule.

“Our engineers have inserted the final sections of new plastic pipe in the A281 and Quarry Street as part of our programme of work developed with the Health and Safety Executive.

“After close consultation with the local authorities and the community, our project began February this year and was expected to last five months.

“However, several contributing factors meant that we’ve been able to make quicker than expected progress with our upgrade project.

“Working closely with the local authority, and how they accommodated our needs for a full road closure, also allowed us to expedite progress further.

“We’d like to thank residents, traders, shoppers and road users for their continued patience and understanding while we’ve carried out this essential work to ensure the local community can enjoy the benefits of a safe and reliable gas supply for many years to come.”

SGN was previously known as Scotia Gas Networks. It manages the network that distributes natural and green gas to 5.9 million homes and businesses across Scotland and the south of England.

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Responses to Work Done, The Gas Man Goeth In Quarry Street

  1. William Dewey Reply

    May 22, 2020 at 5:23 pm

    They have left my part of Quarry Street I a disgusting state particularly the enclosed flower border. It’s just bare earth and the round hasn’t been swept. Disgraceful.

  2. William Dewey Reply

    May 23, 2020 at 10:53 am

    As an addendum to my last note, the contractors backfilled their excavation within the flower border with a cheap 50/50 stone topsoil mix topped over with a thin layer of topsoil totally uneven. They didn’t sweep the surrounding road either despite there operators standing around on their mobile phones for most of the time.

    Earlier they covered the front of my house in dust from what can be described as a giant vacuum cleaner used to suck excavated material surrounding the redundant cast iron gas pipe. The contractor graciously washed the whole of my frontage down after complaint. My garage door is out of alignment due to heavy breaking equipment pounding concrete surrounding the old gas pipe closeby, yet they say I have to prove that before they entertain a claim, how can I do that?

    In my opinion, they should have carried out a schedule of dilapidations before using such heavy equipment so closeby a property.
    So for me, these gas works have not been a satisfying operation

    GBC have over the years, despite several reminders, failed to maintain this stub area of Quarry Street by not sweeping, surfacing or replacing worn yellow markings and so it always looks neglected. Perhaps this prompted gas contractors to carry out a second class jo? Shame on them and the council.

    Editor’s note: Highways are a county council responsibility.

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