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York Road Subway Should Stay

Published on: 22 May, 2012
Updated on: 22 May, 2012

from Sarah Salter

Thank you Ollie [Clokie] for so succinctly setting out the case…and you manage to retain a level of humour too.

Click here to see ‘What about the Kids and the Seniors?’

I am a resident in Artillery Terrace and use the subway daily. It was invaluable to me as a Mum pushing a pushchair and now that my little boy is coming up to school age, racing around on his own two feet, I enjoy the freedom and safety the underpass affords us.

Children are unpredictable and it is a constant source of worry for any parent of a young child that they will not exercise the levels of care and attention around busy roads that we try to ingrain in them from the word go.

Anything other than a bridge, which I understand is not possible, is an inadequate replacement for the subway. Why should local residents be made to suffer for a supermarket’s pursuit of profit?

I’d like to see consultants from the Waitrose development doing a survey of everyone who walks under there between 8am and 10am every morning, getting a good understanding of why we all think this is such a travesty.

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