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Where Is This? No.112

Published on: 4 Jun, 2014
Updated on: 4 Jun, 2014

By David Rose

I feared that it would happen sooner or later – a mystery photo that I had featured before!

So with 111 editions of Where Is This? on The Guildford Dragon NEWS, added to that 31 editions of its predecessor Can You Identify These Locations? that appeared on this website’s forerunner, the St Catherine’s Village website, I guess a repeat might creep in at some stage.

Yes, the photo of the Mann Egerton motor garage in Walnut Tree Close appeared here on number 22. John Lomas realised that after a general website search.

Has this let the gremlins in? We currently have a glitch in the Leave a Reply box, in that readers’ comments from about Friday last week to all stories here do not appear to have been received for our moderation and publication.

Three replies got through to last week’s Where Is This? I suspect a number of you have yet to realise the problem.

Those three are at the foot of last week’s post, while Chris Townsend has emailed hers:

She writes: “Mann Egerton was in Walnut Tree Close near the bend in the road.  From roughly where that bend is now, there was a footpath through the cattle creep under the “New Line” towards Woodbridge Meadows.  I remember in the 1950s there was nearby the “South of England Hide Market Ltd.”, animal skin merchants, not a place to linger.  The through road was made sometime before 1963.

“The Mayflower-style wind vane is on the modern building next to the yellow brick building on Stoke Road, on the corner of The Bars, and viewed from there. R. White & Sons, ginger beer brewers, occupied the purpose-built factory from 1899 to 1925, followed by Gates’ West Surrey Central Dairy Co., known as Cow & Gate from 1929, as Home Counties Dairies’ bottling depot in
the 1950s, and as Unigate from 1959 until 1989.”

Thanks to Chris for her excellent details.

Here is Brian Holt’s reply:

“Mann Egerton BMC Parts Centre was on the right  at the bottom of Walnut Tree Close, where  CCP Cleaning Services now is.
“Photo no 2 was taken from The Bars, off Hayden Place , as the wind vane can only be seen from the rear of No 1 Stoke Road, the offices of Clyde & Co, international law firm.

If anyone else would like to email their comments to me I will add them.

Here are this week’s mysteries (hope they haven’t been featured before!).

Which Guildford street is this?

Which Guildford street is this?

The vintage picture is from Guildford’s carnival procession as part of the town’s celebrations for the coronation of George V in 1911. Which street is this? A building that still stands with a characteristic facade can be seen top left. Also glimpsed far left is the surround of what was an underground public lavatory, nicknamed the Crystal Palace. On the right is Withey’s fish shop – a real give away! The photo is from the collection at the Guildford Institute.

Do you recognise this?

Do you recognise this?

The quirky photo shows some lovely lead work against some equally pleasing brickwork. Have you seen this before and know where it is?

If you know the answers, may I ask that you email me to while our technical team try to repair the fault with the reply box system.

All your replies will be added to the foot of this post at about the same time next week.

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