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Where Is This? No.113

Published on: 11 Jun, 2014
Updated on: 11 Jun, 2014

By David Rose

Thanks to those who emailed me their replies to last week’s images (the reply box system is still out of action, by the way).

Here are those replies, and, as you will read, the vintage picture showed a view of North Street and the quirky photo showed a lead hopper at Abbot’s Hospital in the High Street.

John Lomas: “I think this is North Street, the market pitching seems to be viisible between the wagon and the shops. The shaped gable at the top left of the picture looks to be the building on the corner of Market Street. Was that Gammons, the shop with the overhead wires between the counters and the cash desk?”

Ray Springer: “The street must be North Street. The clue about the underground toilet was the give away. I remember those well and used them on several occasions – long after 1911 I might add. The quirky photo I think is of Abbot’s Hospital in the High Street. The brickwork and the style of window looks very familiar.”

Chris Townsend: “The vintage picture is of North Street, with Gammon’s shop, with its awning, on the top corner of Market Street. The store in the middle is now part of the site of House of Fraser, but I remember it as Furlong’s, ladies’ outfitters, as it was for decades until at least the 1950s. At number 60 was Arthur Henry Withey, fishmonger. In the 1950s, I think Boot’s occupied the site of the Withey’s shop shown, with the fishmonger’s next lower down the street. The buildings on the right are little changed above the shop fronts. The lead hopper is at Abbot’s Hospital, with the arms of Archbishop George Abbot;  another similar has the date 1627.”

Brian Holt: “The first photo is of North Street , it may be George V’s coronation celebrations , when a large crowd  gathered to watch the Grand Procession of some 37 floats on of June 22, 1911. The building with a characteristic facade is the old Gammons store on the corner of Market Street, most of the other shops today as part of the House of Fraser store.

And now for the this week’s images…

Do you know the location of this picture?

Do you know the location of this picture?

The vintage photo shows members of the Guildford division of St John Ambulance on parade at an open space not far from their base at the time this picture was taken – in about the 1960s. Actually, the location is not far from its base today either!

Do you recognise it and have any comments about the building in the centre behind the trees?

A view from above - which part of Guildford?

A view from above – which part of Guildford?

The quirky photo is one taken earlier this year by Dan James using his remote controlled helicopter drone. To get you near the location, it’s to the north of Guildford and shows a housing estate that contains many bungalows. Note the sharp bend in the road and the farmhouse type of building beside it. Just out of view from the foreground are some watermeadows. On the far left some white buildings can be seen that are on an industrial estate. Any ideas?

Once again, please email me your replies to

They will be published with the next pair of mystery images at about the same time next week.

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