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£5 Million for Final Phase of Guildford’s Midleton Industrial Estate

Published on: 27 Aug, 2022
Updated on: 30 Aug, 2022

By Emily Coady-Stemp

local democracy reporter

The final phase in the redevelopment of Guildford’s Midleton Industrial Estate will see small business units in “huge demand” ready for use next year.

Midleton Road industrial estate redevelopment is in the final phase to deliver business units which were in “huge demand”.

The redevelopment, which has been carried out in phases, will begin its final stage to deliver 20 more spaces after funding was approved by the borough council.

A meeting of Guildford Borough Council’s executive on Thursday (August 25) approved the final £5.5 million of a total budget of £14.9 million for the works.

Cllr Joss Bigmore

Council leader Joss Bigmore (R4GV, Christchurch) told the meeting that phase one had seen two 400 square metre units completed and let out, phase two and three seen had seen 15 units ranging from 80 to 500 square metres either already or in the process of being let out.

The last phase would see 50 and 75 square metres units built, aimed at small businesses and start-ups, to be available from May 2023.

Cllr Bigmore told the meeting: “The aim for this project is to enhance both the capital value and the rental income of the council’s property assets.”

He added that the project was set to be delivered within the original budget would make nearly £1 million a year in rental income for the council.

Cllr John Rigg

Cllr John Rigg (R4GV, Holy Trinity) said he was happy to support the proposals and said there was “huge demand” for smaller units being offered.

But he asked for assurance from officers, which was given, that there would be an adequate power supply for the spaces because of lost rent suffered on a previous phase when there was no power available.

In a statement released after the meeting, Cllr Bigmore said: “We want to offer businesses the right premises which attract inward investment to help our borough thrive.

“These new smaller units on the Midleton Enterprise Park will be attractive to small businesses and start-ups.

“We’re installing solar panels and electric vehicle charging points. This will help meet our pledge to be a net-zero carbon borough by 2030.”

The borough council is now also in the process of developing a “growth strategy” for Slyfield, Lysons and Woodbridge Meadows. Cllr Bigmore said: “Some of the buildings are reaching the end of their economic life. From March 2023 some buildings won’t meet Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES).

“To future proof our portfolio we aim to fund a development strategy. It will identify land for redevelopment and property to buy and sell. This work will support an overarching strategy to help our industrial portfolio grow.

“The project will have two phases. The first phase is a high-level status update report. It includes all issues, risks, constraints, dependencies, and opportunities. The second phase is a vision and future growth strategy.”

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Responses to £5 Million for Final Phase of Guildford’s Midleton Industrial Estate

  1. Martin Elliott Reply

    August 27, 2022 at 6:03 pm

    It still leaves the quietly dropped development issue of access and parking on the Slyfield Industrial Estate.

    From the A320 improvements cancelled by the Department of Transport over 25 years ago, to the obviously impractical Clay Lane Diversion Route, it’s the same story of development and increased demand without resources.

    Not only has GBC developed more small units, it has allocated space for a new SCC Waste Transfer Site. Whilst it shows some planning in actually having separate commercial and domestic entrances, there is still no indication of adequate traffic planning on the new access road to allow no HGV or car queuing.

  2. Aubrey Leahy Reply

    August 28, 2022 at 3:24 pm

    To read that some of the buildings on Woodbridge Meadows, (formerly Station Meadows) are reaching the end of their economic life gives pause for thought. I remember Station Meadows being a wonderful, year-round playground, except when the circus came to town or a dirtbike meet was held at the cinder track.

    Chances are high that I too will soon fail to meet “Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards” but suspect it will take more than a few solar panels or electric charging points to reverse the decline…

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