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Letter: A New Home for Guildford City Should Be on the ‘Brilliant Places’ Agenda

Published on: 8 Apr, 2024
Updated on: 8 Apr, 2024

From: Ron Cork

See: Meet the New Joint CEO – ‘I’m Here To Make Guildford and Waverley Brilliant Places’

50 years ago this year Guildford City Football Club played their last game at the Joseph’s Road ground (sold for redevelopment), thus ending senior football in the town; a loss to the town and the community.

I would say to the new CEO at Guildford Borough Council, Pedro Wrobel, surely now is the time to revive efforts to bring forward ideas for a new permanent home for the club? A perfect item for his admirable “brilliant places“ agenda.

Guildford deserves a thriving football club in the heart of the community.

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Responses to Letter: A New Home for Guildford City Should Be on the ‘Brilliant Places’ Agenda

  1. Olly Azad Reply

    April 9, 2024 at 10:21 am

    What a jolly good idea although why could Guildford Borough Council not have considered such an idea for the club’s centenary? It’s still not too late for GBC to activate the suggestion put forward to the new CEO by Ron Cork.

  2. Sue Hackman Reply

    April 10, 2024 at 6:01 pm

    What’s not to like?
    Football is our national game and we have national teams to be proud of.
    It’s great for teamwork.
    It’s fabulous for health and stamina.
    It has kids-to-crusties appeal.
    Proudly, we have made it a sport for women and girls.
    People love it so much they come out every weekend to play, rain or shine.
    Of course we need a home for our local team, and a hub for developing the game.
    The council should get on the ball!

    Sue Hackman is the Guildford Labour campaign manager.

  3. Brian Creese Reply

    April 13, 2024 at 7:20 pm

    A thriving football club is a great asset to any town and it is a shame to see Guildford City still without a suitable ground.

    A new permanent, suitable home would make all difference to the club and finding one should be a priority for our council.

    Brian Creese is a Guildford Labour activist

  4. Frank Emery Reply

    April 16, 2024 at 1:57 pm

    I think a new stadium for Guildford City FC is excellent idea, it’s the closest this poor town will ever get to being a city.

  5. George Potter Reply

    April 18, 2024 at 3:30 pm

    Given that the council only recently avoided bankruptcy, and given that sporting facilities are not a statutory service, would the Labour politicians in these comments perhaps be so kind as to suggest from where they think the council should find the money to build a purpose-built stadium for a private football club?

    George Potter is a Lib Dem borough councillor for Burpham

  6. Brian Holt Reply

    April 21, 2024 at 3:17 pm

    In reply to Cllr George Potter’s comment, Guildford City FC have never asked Guildford Borough Council to fund a complete new football stadium, but for a site on which to build a new ground as was promised in 1974, when the Joseph’s Road ground was sold.

    The Labour politicians seem to have more knowledge than him, there is a variety of different funding options for new sports ground and facilities in areas that lack them.

    Here under the heading “Council Leader meets with Guildford City FC to discuss concerns” is a comment from his own Lib Dem party from a meeting held on May 18, 2023, council leader Julia McShane said, “Guildford City FC is an incredibly important part of our community, and it was really helpful to meet with them to hear their concerns. My priority will be making sure the dialogue continues and that Guildford Borough Council does everything it can to support local sport despite financial pressures.

    “Our new Lib Dem administration believes in working with communities to make things better,and that’s exactly what we intend to do here. It might take a little time but we will explore all options to support Guildford City FC going forward and look forward to working constructively with the club to address the issues they’ve raised with us.”

    So if that is the Lib Dem position how come Cllr Potter didn’t know?

    Brian Holt is a board member of Guildford City Football Club

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