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Across the Borough a Similar Story – If There’s No Queue, There’s No Petrol

Published on: 27 Sep, 2021
Updated on: 28 Sep, 2021

By Martin Giles

All petrol stations with petrol supplies had queues of cars awaiting their drivers turn to fill up this afternoon in Guildford. Those stations with no queues had no petrol. It is believed it is a similar situation across the borough.

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None of the Guildford town petrol station staff questioned were certain when the next delivery would be made. One had been without fuel to sell for three days.

Secretary of State for the Environment George Eustice said there was “plenty of petrol” and urged people to buy it in the way they usually do.

It had earlier been announced that there were no plans, for the time being, to bring in the Army to drive tankers.

But according to the BBC, ministers are still seriously considering using the Army to help distribute petrol.

Meanwhile, doctors and home care staff have called for essential workers to be given priority for fuel and in Guildford, a Surrey Police crew were given petrol held in reserve for the emergency services by the station manager at the BP station in Woodbridge Road.

In common with other station attendants, he did not know when the next delivery would be made.

The queue tailing back from the Esso garage on Ladymead.

A tradesman at the Esso station on Ladymead blamed the media for causing the problem. “Their stories have caused this panic buying,” said the Guildford-based arboriculturist, adding, “And why are all these pensioners filling up? I need fuel to do my work.”

Guildford Petrol Stations this afternoon (September 27)

The manager at the BP garage on Woodbridge Road agreed to fill this police car from a small reserve he had held back for emergency vehicles. No private vehicles were being filled and he was hoping for a delivery on Thursday.

There was a queue of ten cars waiting for fuel at the Shell petrol station on Woodbridge Road. Most pumps were closed but petrol and diesel was being sold.

The attendant at the Ladymead Shell petrol station said that they had had no supplies for three days. Motorists were still driving onto the forecourt to check and several bought items at the shop.

No petrol at Bellfields and the tape barrier across the forecourt made that pretty obvious. But the Spar shop was still doing a steady trade.

The Shell garage on the Worplesdon Road had no petrol or diesel…

…while the Esso garage on the Aldershot Road had both petrol and diesel but some pumps were out of action. Short queues had formed.

Sainsbury’s at Burpham was said to have plenty of unleaded but no other fuel and the wait time was only about five minutes.


At the Tilthams Service Station in Ash on Monday all the pumps were closed. The staff said they were expecting a delivery later in the day with the hope that this would solve the problem long-term.

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Responses to Across the Borough a Similar Story – If There’s No Queue, There’s No Petrol

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    September 28, 2021 at 8:59 am

    How stupid are these people? Some sit with their engines running using fuel, while possibly blocking access to any tanker driver wanting to supply. I suspect some are filling up their second cars which never turn a wheel from week to week.

    Perhaps modal shift by stupidity will take hold.

  2. Valerie Thompson Reply

    September 28, 2021 at 2:10 pm

    Sainsburys, Burpham was blocked by queuing cars today, so no one could buy groceries. It was a struggle to get past to access the A3.

  3. Susan Fox Reply

    September 28, 2021 at 2:53 pm

    Yesterday we had our flu injections from our local pharmacy. The pharmacist was worrying about how she would get to Hampshire today as she had very little fuel to work and wouldn’t be able to look for some until they closed.

    The social media site I’m on is chock-a-block with people trying to help: carers, health professionals, support workers and the police saying where there is fuel available locally.

    Thank goodness for good neighbours.

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