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Anne Milton: ‘A Conservative Victory is Anything But a Foregone Conclusion’

Published on: 2 Jun, 2017
Updated on: 2 Jun, 2017

Anne Milton’s election leaflet highlighting recent shock election results.

Guildford’s Conservative candidate Anne Milton is claiming that a victory for her next Thursday (June 8, 2017) cannot be taken for granted.

Bookies are still only offering winnings of £1 for a £200 bet on Milton but, although she is the overwhelming favourite, a Tory election leaflet circulated this week warns of shock election results: Trump, Brexit and Corbyn, in an effort to rally any doubting supporters.

To reinforce the message Anne Milton said today: “A Conservative victory is anything but a foregone conclusion.

“Although I hope very much that the people of Guildford will want me to represent them as their MP, I am always aware that my predecessor was from another party. I have always served my constituents to the best of my ability, but an election is a moment of truth – where voters pass judgement on my record.

“Personally, I am clear that a Conservative win at the election would be best for Guildford.  Best for a successful outcome to Brexit; best for developing the strong economy we will need after Brexit; best for our national security; and best for a fairer Britain, where those who work hard and do the right thing are properly and fairly rewarded for their efforts.

“I am grateful for the support I’ve received in the past, but I am very aware that the election is in the hands of the people.”

One of Zoe Franklin’s election leaflets.

Meanwhile, Lib Dem candidate Zoe Franklin has hit out at the “failure” of Waverley Borough Council to manage housing being built in Cranleigh.

She said: “Waverley Council has completely failed to manage housing in this area and, like Cranleigh residents, I have no confidence in them. Far from allowing well thought through, sustainable developments like Dunsfold, which includes affordable housing, they have chosen to dump high-price housing in Cranleigh. The Tory council opposed Dunsfold on the grounds of traffic infrastructure but instead are turning Cranleigh into a traffic nightmare. This community deserves better.

“I’m shocked that Anne Milton, who opposed Dunsfold on the grounds of inadequate infrastructure and the risk of further congestion in the Bramley area, now continues to defend her actions.

“It is quite clear that the Dunsfold development can still make a crucial contribution to the housing that Waverley needs to build, including affordable housing for local people.

“Waverley Tories instead ignored all expert planning advice and failed to produce a proper Local Plan, preferring instead to allow rampant housebuilding over Cranleigh’s green fields, for maximum profit.”

Howard Smith pictured outside his former school, George Abbot School.

And while nationally the polls indicate increasing support for Labour, its candidate Howard Smith, has been focussing on education.

In a press release from Guildford Labour a spokesperson wrote: “Howard Smith believes that Labour offer the most attractive education policies for all ages and these will be particularly attractive to voters in Guildford.

“Howard wants to ensure that the planned cuts to schools in the constituency are reversed and that all local schools are properly resourced. That includes paying teachers and support assistants a proper wage by scrapping the public sector pay cap.

“Labour will halt further closures to Sure Start centres, and will not scrap free school lunches for infant pupils, but extend it across the primary sector. Labour will reintroduce the Education Maintenance Allowance for college students and scrap tuition fees for university students. And for those who missed out first time, Labour will guarantee that all people will get the opportunity to learn new skills.

“Compared with the current education landscape with schools under increasing financial pressure, Howard believes Labour have the right answers for education in Guildford.”

A full list of candidates standing in Guildford is as follows:

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Responses to Anne Milton: ‘A Conservative Victory is Anything But a Foregone Conclusion’

  1. Jules Cranwell Reply

    June 2, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Well, perhaps if Ms. Milton had come off the fence, and defended the green belt and the countryside, as she and her party promised, she would not now be looking at a real chance of losing her seat.

    The public has a habit of punishing those who renege on commitments dear to them. GBC should take note.

  2. Stuart Barnes Reply

    June 5, 2017 at 9:30 am

    I would suggest that Anne Milton is being rather modest! If ever there was a sure thing to bet on, Anne’s re-election is one of them.

    I think that it is possible she is being influenced by the constant hard left propaganda coming out of the usual suspects (BBC, Channel 4, Sky News, etc.) but is not taking into account that most voters take no notice of such totally predictable and biased reporting.

    However, we should remember that all of those organisations have been pumping out left wing propaganda for years but it has not stopped the Conservatives winning elections nor the inevitability of a clean Brexit.

  3. Nick Trier Reply

    June 6, 2017 at 10:45 am

    Mr Barnes needs to come out of his bubble and talk to a few of the overwhelming majority of the people whom he would probably not describe as “right thinking”. Presumably, if the broadcasters which have a statutory obligation to be balanced in their reporting are in fact “hard left” propagandists, then so are the regulators and the judiciary.

    By contrast, the majority of the print media who are not required to be balanced and who have overwhelmingly supported the Tory party are presumably only “mildly” left wing from his perspective.

    Anne Milton is correct to fear that the general election outcome is not guaranteed to be a Tory victory thanks to the common sense of many voters up and down the country, even if her own position would only be vulnerable in the event of an unprecedented Labour landslide.

    Whatever the outcome it is thankfully in the hands of the British people and not the broadcasters, the print media nor Mr Barnes.

    • Stuart Barnes Reply

      June 7, 2017 at 8:46 am

      Try reading and

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