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Appeal Decision Means a New Pharmacy for Burpham

Published on: 28 Apr, 2024
Updated on: 28 Apr, 2024

King’s Parade, Burpham, where a new pharmacy is expected to open.

By Martin Giles

Burpham is expected to get a new pharmacy.

An appeal against a decision to refuse permission for a new pharmacy to be opened in King’s Parade Burpham has been allowed.

Burpham Pharmacy appeal decision

Applicant Zohib Sheikh told The Dragon: “Fantastic news that the NHS appeals committee have seen sense and decided a pharmacy is very much needed in Burpham. Nothing, however, would have been possible without the support of our local residents, councillors and MP. I am grateful to them all for their help and support.”

Residents in Burpham and Merrow warned the authorities that with the closure of pharmacies in Merrow Sainsbury’s and in Merrow Park, the remaining Boots branch on the Epsom Road at Merrow would not be able to cope.

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This proved to be the case in January and long queues formed. Around the same time an application for a new pharmacy at Burpham was refused. This was a decision many affected residents found  baffling.

In March Angela Richardson, Guildford’s MP, met with Andrea Leadsom, Minister for Public Health, to raise concerns about pharmacy provision in the area.

Angela Richardson meeting Andrea Leadsom in the Houses of Parliament.

Ms Richardson said: “After months of tireless work, I am pleased to say that the NHS Pharmacy Appeals Committee have reversed the decision of Surrey Heartlands ICB, allowing a new pharmacy to open in Burpham.

“I know that the closure of Lloyds Pharmacy in Burpham and Boots in Merrow Park has impacted residents over the past year, however, I hope that today’s news will begin to alleviate the situation.

“Congratulations to Zohib Sheikh on his successful appeal, which I was delighted to support.

“I look forward to the opening of the new pharmacy.”

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Responses to Appeal Decision Means a New Pharmacy for Burpham

  1. M.Durant Reply

    April 28, 2024 at 8:49 pm

    This is good news.

  2. Alan Cooper Reply

    April 29, 2024 at 4:15 pm

    There was once a pharmacy in Kings Parade Burpham, in the 1980s/90s so I am puzzled as to why the initial application was refused. Boots at Epsom Road, Merrow have really struggled over past few months, so this will a welcome relief to them and customers alike.

  3. Anthony Mallard Reply

    April 30, 2024 at 8:53 am

    The Kingpost Parade, is named after the King Post, an architectural feature of building construction, within the chalet-like building comprising the nearby office of the vehicle hire company.

    The pharmacy to which Mr Cooper correctly refers was independently owned and managed but, sadly, when Sainsbury’s decided to open one of its own it seemingly became unviable and closed. The pharmacist worked for a while at Sainsbury’s. One of the selling points was the store’s opening hours; the company agreed that the pharmacy would be open at all times the shop was trading, something that the pharmacy on the parade couldn’t undertake.

    Of course, as time moved on and Sainsbury’s contracted this service out, its opening hours changed and it eventually closed. Thank goodness that recently common sense prevailed and Burpham is now, once again, going to have a local pharmacy.

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