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Award Winning Personal Trainer Opens New Gym

Published on: 28 Mar, 2014
Updated on: 28 Mar, 2014

By Victoria Lazarevic

Surrey based fitness expert Charlotte Ord, who has just won 2014 UK Personal Trainer of the Year Award, is opening her a new gym in Guildford tomorrow (Saturday, March 29).

Charlotte Ord.

Charlotte Ord.

Clearly Charlotte  practises the commitment and hard work fitness trainers preach, as this is the second time she has received this award. In the 10 years the showcase has been running she is the only person to receive this award twice, even hosting the event herself last year.

She appeared as a coach in the ITV1 show The Biggest Looser  in 2011, in the same year she was head coach to the England lacrosse team.

She said: “It feels awesome to win again, although awards are really just the icing on the cake. I feel very blessed to have a career that I find so incredibly fulfilling and I really consider being able to help others on their journey to health and fitness quite a privilege. “

So what is that extra special quality that Charlotte has that meant she could fight off the tough (and incredibly fit) competition for this award?  She said: “I think the fact that I genuinely love what I do and consider it my hobby and passion as well as my job is probably what’s helped me be the first coach to win the award twice.

“For me helping people achieve their goals and get their health back is one of the most exciting and rewarding things I could do! It’s what gets me up early and keeps me up late researching, writing and investigating! I’m pretty relentless when it comes to my work!

“There’s some really exciting projects in the pipeline! As well as running my academies in Godalming and Guildford, I’m launching a fitness, health and happiness mobile app called Fitra and developing an online training program and wonderful organic supplement line called ROAR.  I’d love to do some more TV work as well at some point, but I’ll have to wait and see what comes up.”

Meet Charlotte and her top team at the grand opening of her second gym tomorrow. Click here for more details.

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