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BID Chair Who Worked in the Best Interests of the Town Thanked in Guildhall Presentation

Published on: 3 Nov, 2023
Updated on: 4 Nov, 2023

Guildford’s Mayor presents Kevin Lorimer with an engraved decanter.

By Martin Giles

Friends and associates gathered at the Guildhall last night (November 2) to thank Kevin Lorimer for his service to the town.

In the presence of the Guildford Mayor, Masuk Miah, Hon Freeman Keith Churchouse reminded those present of “the dedication and value” that Kevin had added to Guildford during his time in the borough.

He continued: “I believe it was around 18 years ago that Kevin started working in Guildford from his previous work in Haslemere. And he got very busy from the start!”

Outlining his roles Keith Churchouse said Kevin Lorimer was Visit Surrey chairman 2009-2012 and a founder member of the BID [Business Improvement District] company Elevate Guildford,  called Experience Guildford, becoming a steadfast chairman for more than ten years.

He was also a town centre sector chair of the Guildford Business Forum,  a supporter of local charities and recently retired as manager of the County Club.

“Kevin would always tell it like it is, even if that meant ruffling a few feathers along the way, and always working in the best interests of the town. It is that positivity, that warm ‘how can this work’ attitude that always shone through in his work and collaboration with others.

“Also, he makes THE best scrambled eggs in the town!

“If you wanted to know what was happening in town, you only had to ask Kevin.”

Kevin Lorimer with Amanda Masters and Keith Churchouse

The Mayor and Amanda Masters, CEO of Experience Guildford, also thanked Kevin for his service.

After the speeches, the Mayor presented Kevin Lorimer with an engraved decanter.

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