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Update: Grassland Fire on Ash Ranges Now Under Control – Damping Down Continues

Published on: 27 May, 2023
Updated on: 28 May, 2023

A large column of smoke can be seen over Ash Ranges. View from the Wharf Road shopping parade

Firefighters tackling the large grassland fire which broke out on Ash Ranges yesterday afternoon (Saturday, May 27) were still at the scene this morning (Sunday).

A Surrey Fire & Rescue spokesperson said that although the blaze had been brought under control, firefighters were still damping down little pockets of fire.

The smoke column is rising beyond the butts of one of the ranges in Ash and appears to be within the range danger area beyond, out of bounds when the ranges are being used. The area extends to Pirbright.

Fourteen vehicles were said to be in attendance and The Dragon’s Ash reporter David Reading observed another vehicle apparently en route to join them.

Another emergency service vehicle approaches the entrance to Ash Ranges.

At 5pm yesterday a spokesperson for Surrey Fire and Rescue said the fire was still being fought, although it appeared it was gradually being brought under control. There was no risk to the public but people living in the area were advised to keep their windows closed.

By 8.30pm the worst of the smoke seemed to have cleared, although the fire service  said their crews would be present throughout the night.

This morning at 10am they were still at the scene, ensuring that there were no further outbreaks.

It is not thought there have been any casualties.

Even before the bank holiday weekend had begun, wildfire warning levels were being raised in Surrey because of the expected hot weather.

A spokesperson for Surrey Fire and Rescue Service warned on Friday: “During this bank holiday weekend the fire severity index will be Amber High alert.”

Warnings were given about setting up portable barbecues and disposing of litter irresponsibly.

More information will be added to our report on the Ash Ranges fire as it is received. Please check back.

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Responses to Update: Grassland Fire on Ash Ranges Now Under Control – Damping Down Continues

  1. Roshan Bailey Reply

    May 29, 2023 at 9:57 pm

    This morning (Monday) I saw three separate outbreaks of significant smoke again which was worrying given the stiffening wind. I spoke to the Fire Service who were planning to return. The risks really are very high and I really do hope people who smoke will be scrupulously careful with matches and cigarette ends – better still, please don’t light up at all when out on the Army Ranges and our common land.

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