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Castle Green Bowlers Admit They Must Practise More!

Published on: 20 May, 2014
Updated on: 20 May, 2014

By Colin Summerhayes

On a rather cloudy Tuesday afternoon, May 20, Castle Green Bowling Club’s (CGBC) men’s team was at home to Guildford men’s team in the Tuesday Triples League.

Castle Green were ahead by 21 points to 14 at the halfway mark when there was a pause for tea and biscuits. Everything changes after tea, they say, and so it did, with Guildford coming out the winner by  38 to 33. A close run thing. CGBC won on one rink by 19-14 with Colin Summerhayes (skip), Jim Horwood and John Reeves, but lost on the other rink by  14-24 with Derek Redgwell (skip), Paul  Plummer and Patrick Andrew.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon, May 18, CGBC played Brockham Bowling Club at home. Despite fielding a strong side, the home team lost by 51-70.

The Castle Green teams comprised Mary Redgwell (skip), Lynn Smith and Margret Plummer, who won by 20-15; Derek Redgwell (skip), JohnHeyes and Diana Summerhayes, who lost by 9-24; Colin Summerhayes (skip) with Peter Smith and Tim Sampson, who lost by 5-20; and  Jill Bird (skip), with Paul Plummer and Dennis Hirst-Marsden, who won by 17-11.

The photo shows the fine old art of measuring distance to see which team had its bowl or bowls closest to the jack.

The photo shows the fine old art of measuring distance to see which team had its bowl or bowls closest to the jack.

On a slightly overcast but warm Saturday afternoon, on May 17,CGBC played Mayford Hall Club at their ground near Woking. The green was a lot ‘heavier’ than the one CGBC were used to, and it took quite a while for the players to ‘get it’.

As a result, CGBC lost overall by 25-47. Rather unusually the CGBC rinks comprised either all men, led by Derek Redgwell, with Colin Summerhayes, Nick Hinde and Jim Horwood, or all women, led by Jill Bird, with Mary Redgwell, Diana Summerhayes and Julie Hinde.

The men lost by 13-26, and the ladies  by 12-21. Mayford Hall managed a ‘hot-shot’ against Castle Green on the  men’s rink, winning eight shots on the 20th end. Oh Dear! We must have been getting tired! Seriously, though, leaving aside the heavier green, we were outplayed by better opponents on the day. Must practise more!

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