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Castle Green Bowling Club’s Latest Results

Published on: 9 Jul, 2014
Updated on: 9 Jul, 2014

By Colin Summerhayes

Castle Green Bowling Club plying away to Guildford on July 5.

Castle Green Bowling Club plying away to Guildford on July 5.

Tuesday, June 24. On a nice sunny afternoon, GCBC’s senior men won their Tuesday Triples home match against Godalming by 9 points (40-31).

B. West (skip) J. Horwood, N. Hinde: 15-14 (+1)
R. Williams (skip) J. Reeves,  P. Plummer  25-17(+8)

Wednesday, June 25, CGBC vs Puttenham and Wanborough (away). A nice warm evening in very pleasant company, playing rinks. Total score: Castle Green  36,  P & W  69.

S.  West (skip) C. Summerhayes and M. Reeves : 13-29 (-16)
J.  Bird (skip), D. Taylor and J. Heyes: 11-20 (-9)
B. West (skip) J. Horwood, J. Reeves, N. Pilkington: 12-20 (-8)

Saturday, June 28: Despite intermittent rain, Castle Green had fun on the green at Brockham, winning by the  narrow margin of 4 points, by 63-59.

C. Summerhayes (skip) J. Horwood, L. Smith: 12-16 (-4)
J. Bird (skip), P. Smith, C. Downham: 15-10 (+5)
R. Williams (skip) P. Plummer, A. Lewis : 28-7 (+21)
D. Redgwell (skip) D. Summerhayes, M. Plummer: 8-26 (-18)

Sunday, June 29: Another nice afternoon on the green. But CGBC was still beaten by Billingshurst, at home, by 87-53.

D. Redgwell (skip) J. Hinde, T. Sampson: 16-20 (-4)
J. Bird (skip), C. Downham, J. Heyes: 14-20 (-6)
C. Summerhayes (skip) F. Webster, D. Hirst-Marsden: 10-24 (-14)
B. West (skip) N. Hinde, P. Andrew: 7-23 (-16)

Tuesday, July 1, the men’s Tuesday Triples was played away against Woodbridge Hill. Once again it was a nice afternoon on the green. But CGBC lost by 28-39 (-11 shots).

R. Williams (skip) P. Plummer, P. Andrew: 18-15 (+3)
B. West (skip) C. Summerhayes, N. Hinde: 10-24 (-14)

Saturday, July 5, was a grey and rainy day. CGBC started its game against Guildford at their Stoke Park in the rain. Conditions eventually improved somewhat (the rain stopped) but the day remained cool. CGBC lost overall lost by 45-97. Think of it in football terms as a loss by 2-1.

H. Tappenden (skip) J. Reeves M. Plummer 17-18 (-1)
R. Williams (skip) M. Reeves, C. Downham  10-22 (-12)
P. Plummer (skip) N. Hinde A. Lewis 9-25 (-16)
C. Summerhayes (skip) H. Vogel J Hinde 9-29 (-20)

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