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Castle Green Bowls Results

Published on: 27 Jul, 2015
Updated on: 27 Jul, 2015

Latest results from Castle Green Bowling Club, reports by Colin Summerhayes.

On Thursday July 23, Jill Bird led Castle Green’s two triples teams and one pair to victory over our colleagues from Shere, away, by 62-41, on a nice summery afternoon with a mixture of sunshine and cloud.

Shere’s numbers have dropped to just 18 playing members, and they could only get seven players for the game, so Castle Green loaned them Ann Lewis, who played very well on their behalf. A good time was had by all.

Results were:
C Summerhayes (skip), L Smith: 16-22 (slipping back after being 10-10 at nine ends).
J Bird (skip), D Summerhayes, D Longman: 28-8.
J Horwood (skip), P Smith, C Downham: 18-11.

On Tuesday July 21, Castle Green’s senior men’s team in the Guildford-Woking Tuesday Triples League lost to Albury, whose team lies 2nd overall in the league, by 30-37. Nevertheless, Castle Green managed to retain its eighth place, and lost by a lot less than when they played Albury away.

Results were:
R Williams (skip), P.Plummer, D Taylor: 14-24.
C Summerhayes (skip), B West, J Horwood: 16-13.

Sunday July 19 saw another win for the club. Under a cloudy but then a sunny sky Castle Green managed a three-point win at home over Victory Park from Addlestone, by 57-54. We proved it was true that it does all change after tea, because at tea (10 ends) we were 13 points down. What a comeback! The comeback kid was Shirley West and her team.

Results were:
S West (skip), J Hinde, D  Taylor: 22-17 (from 6-12 down at 10 ends).
H Vogel (skip), B West, N Hinde: 12-25.
C Summerhayes (skip), A Lewis, J Phillips: 23-12.

On Saturday evening, July 18, Castle Green’s annual club drive produced the usual hilarity involved in six teams of triples each playing four ends, with the winners then rotating to the next rink, and the losers staying put.

The club drive winners.

The club drive winners.

Overall winners were the triple team pictured above of Nick Hinde (left), Lynn Smith (centre) and Dennis Hirst-Marsden (right) with their ‘awards’.

A fun evening on the green was followed by a delicious fish and chip supper.

On Wednesday, July 15, Jill Bird led Castle Green;s four triples teams to victory at home over our colleagues from Bramley, by 73-62. The skies were overcast, but it was warm (and muggy). A good time was had  by all.

Results were:
C Summerhayes (skip), M Plummer, A Lewis: 14-23 (ahead until end 12, then the wheels fell off).
B West (skip), J Hinde, D Taylor: 20-15 (a super come-back).
H Tappenden (skip), H Vogel, C Downham: 19-17 (a magnificent come-back).
J Bird (skip), J Horwood, N Hinde: 20-7 (ahead throughout).

On Tuesday, July 14, Castle Green senior men’s team won in the Guildford-Woking Tuesday Triples match against Guildford, by 44-37. Luckily the weather improved as the game went on, and we did have some nice sunshine from time to time despite it being a rather muggy day.

Results were:
R Williams (skip), P.P.lummer, P Smith: 14-18 (making a good recovery after being down 6-15 at 10 ends).
B West (skip), C Summerhayes, J Horwood: 30-19 (making quite a change from 13-13 at 10 ends).

On Sunday, July 12, Castle Green won a hard fight against Mayford Hall by a mere two points, 51-49. Castle Green were three shots down on the last play of the game, but Jill Bird crept in an converted it to plus one, which saved the day. Despite the overcast conditions, the threatened rain failed to materialize, and a good time was had by all.

Results were:
J Bird (skip), D Summerhayes, C Downham, N Hinde: rink 4: 18-14.
S West (skip), V Smith, T Smith, A Lewis: rink 3: 17-22.
C Summerhayes (skip), B West, J Hinde, D Newman: rink 2: 16-13.

On Wednesday, July 8, Castle Green had a good mid-week Friendly win away against Wonersh, by 75-68.

Results were:
J Bird (skip), H Tappenden, A Lewis: 14-16.
S West (skip), H Vogel, N Hinde: 31-10.
R Williams (skip) L Smith, P Andrew: 20-15.
J Horwood (skip), P Smith, D Taylor: 10-27.

On Tuesday, July 7, Castle Green’s senior men’s team lost in the Guildford-Woking Tuesday Triples to Merrow by 29-45.

Results were:
B West (skip), J Horwood, R Helliwell: 12-23.
R Williams (skip), P Plummer, D Taylor: 17-22.

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