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Castle Green’s Latest Bowls Results

Published on: 15 Jun, 2015
Updated on: 15 Jun, 2015
Castle Green Bowling Club's captain Colin Summerhayes holds the Millennium Trophy, regained from Astolat Bowling Club. See match report below.

Castle Green Bowling Club’s captain Colin Summerhayes holds the Millennium Trophy, regained from Astolat Bowling Club. See match report below.

By Colin Summerhayes

Sunday, June 14, was rather cool, and perhaps the absence of a band on the Castle Grounds bandstand put the Castle Green Bowling Club’s team off its stride, which may explain their loss to Albury Bowling Club by the narrow margin of just three points, after being ahead at half time by two points.

It was a very close and enjoyable game throughout. Although  Castle Green won on two of the three rinks, the overall score was 49-52.

Team results:
S. West (skip), D. Summerhayes, N. Hinde: 21-16.
C. Summerhayes (skip), H. Vogel, J. Hinde, 16-12.
H.  Tappenden (skip), B. West, T. Sampson: 12-24.

On Saturday, June 13, Castle Green played their first game against Victory Park, Addlestone, and managed a win by 58-44, on a mixed afternoon of sun and cloud.

Not a bad result considering that at the half time tea break the score was Castle Green 16, Victory park 29. Like Lazarus, we arose from the dead after tea. Their Victory Park green played well, and the company was good. It was great to see John and Mary Reeves there as Castle Green supporters.

Teams were:
J. Horwood (skip), P. Plummer, A. Lewis: 17-17.
R. Williams (skip), C. Downham, M. Plummer: 19-15.
C. Summerhayes (skip), L. Smith, P. Andrew: 22-12.

On Tuesday June 9, Castle Green’s senior men were once again engaged in the Guildford-Woking Tuesday Triples competition, this time away against Holloway Hill BC in Godalming.

At the half-way mark, at tea, we were equal at 13-13. However, as is often t he case in bowls, it can all change after tea, and it did. The end result was Castle Green 19 – Holloway Hill 38.

Teams were:
R. Williams (skip), P. Plummer, J. Horwood: 6-22.
B. West (skip), C. Summerhayes, N. Hinde: 13-16.

Castle Green and Astolat members together on Astolat's green.

Castle Green and Astolat members together on Astolat’s green.

On Sunday June 7, a beautiful sunny afternoon with just a few fluffy clouds, Castle Green managed to regain the Millennium Trophy from Astolat Bowling Club.

Castle Green were  helped along by their supporting “pom-pom” girls, Ann Bailey, Lynn Smith and Dorothy Newman and their helpers, Peter Smith and Bob Davies.

Astolat were very welcoming, and we had a fun afternoon, followed by a delicious salad.

Teams were:
R. Williams (skip), J. Hinde, D. Summerhayes, F. Webster: 26-16.
S. West (skip), D. Redgwell, H. Vogel, T. Aampson: 11-22.
B. West (skip), Y. Tappenden, M. Redgwell, N. Hinde: 27-17.
J. Bird (skip), C. Summerhayes, T. Smith, V. Smith: 25-13.

On Saturday June 6, on a nice sunny afternoon, but with some cloud and an occasional bite of cool breeze, Castle Green enjoyed a pleasant afternoon playing away against East Horsley Bowling Club.

We were ahead by one point at the half way mark tea break, but lost overall by seven at the end of the day. As is often the case, the game was closer than the scores would suggest! But we did have fun.

Teams were:
C. Summerhayes (skip), L. Smith, C. Downham: 14-21.
P. Smith (skip), D. Summerhayes, A. Lewis: 13-18.
J. Bird (skip), D. Taylor, P. Andrew: 19-14.

On Wednesday June 3, Jill Bird led Castle Green’s  three triples teams to a convincing win over Westfield Bowling Club by 66-36.

This was John Phillips’ first outing with the club, and  a great way to get a first win under his belt.

Tim Sampson was ‘loaned’ to Westfield, who were two players short; he played well, and was complemented by our opponents.

Teams were:
J. Horwood (skip), H. Vogel, D. Newman, J. Hinde: 11-11.
H. Tappenden (skip), D. Taylor, B. Stephens, P. Andrew: 21-19.
J. Bird (skip), F. Webster, J. Phillips: 34-6

On a rather cloudy and breezy afternoon on Sunday May 31, Castle Green managed a convincing win over Milford BC, in a friendly match at home, by 84 to 44.

Teams were:

J. Bird (skip), T. Sampson, B. Stephens: 19-17.
H. Tappenden (skip), P. Smith, P. Andrew: 32-6.
R. Williams (skip), V. Smith, T. Smith: 23-5.
C. Summerhayes (skip), L. Smith, D. Newman: 10-16.

On Saturday May 3,Castle Green also lost in a friendly match, at home, to Merrow, by 37-57.

Teams were:
H. Vogel (skip), A. Lewis, C. Downham: 12-18.
D. Redgwell (skip), D. Longman, and half game each for D. Hirst-Marsden and J. Reeves: 4-24
R. Helliwell (skip), D. Taylor, T. Sampson: 21-15.

On Tuesday May 26, Castle Green senior men’s Tuesday Triples League team lost heavily to Ewhurst Bowling Club in a home game, by 14-48.

Teams were:
D. Redgwell (skip), B. West, N. Hinde: 5-28.
R. Williams (skip), P. Smith, J. Reeves: 9-20.

Long Shadows: evening bowls at Castle Green Bowling Club.

Long Shadows: evening bowls at Castle Green Bowling Club.

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