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Citizens Speak: Council Tax Rise

Published on: 27 Feb, 2013
Updated on: 29 Aug, 2015

Council Tax Bill cropped 470No one likes paying taxes but they are famously, with death, one of life’s two certainties. But what about the recently announced rise of nearly 2% in council tax? What do people on the streets of Guildford think about it? Is it fair or would they rather pay less tax for fewer services and is there much wastage in the system?

Peter Slade – Austen Road
Peter SladeYes, I am aware that the council tax is to increase by nearly 2%. I suppose the rise is fair, things have to be paid for and how else do you pay for public services? It is the way a civilised society normally obtains funds to pay for things that are for the common good. Personally, I would prefer to pay more tax, within reason, for better services that the opposite. I expect there is some wastage in public spending, there will always be some but I could not say where particularly. I am aware that most local government funding comes from central government, yes.
Michael Walker – Hadley, Hampshire
Michael WalkerI do not have a clue how much council tax is increasing by, to be honest. I understand that the government is trying to subsidise councils so that they do not increase Council Tax but I don’t really understand why. I would rather pay less tax for fewer services. I don’t know Surrey County Council or Guildford Borough Council very well but I have worked in a lot of councils and in my experience there is a phenomenal amount of waste. I believe that about two-thirds of local government funding comes from the central government.
Auburn Shortland – Camberley
A ShortlandNo, I did not know how much council tax was due to rise by but I think it is a fair way of raising money. I think in the recession the government should be increasing their spending to get us out of the financial slump, so I would rather see more tax for better services. I don’t really know if there is much wastage in council spending but I am aware that most local government funding comes from central government.
Sam Tonner – Camberley
Sam TonnerNo, I did not know that the council tax is going to rise by that amount. I do not think it is fair they should tighten their belts too and work a bit harder. Families are suffering in this recession and having to save as much as they can. I would keep council tax as it was for the same services. I am sure that there is a lot of wastage. They should be able to cut costs, and work harder to give the same services and reach the same standards. I am aware that most local government funding comes from central government.
Kelly McMorrow – York Road
Kelly McMorrowNo, I was not aware that council tax was to rise by that amount and I do not think it is fair. Our street often has a lot of litter and glass is still lying all over the pavement after a car crash some days ago. The council needs to be more responsible and raise standards before raising taxes. I would be happy to pay more if we did get better services. I already pay £150 a month for a two-bedroomed flat. I think that there probably is wastage. We put all this money in and we don’t know where it goes, the rubbish is not taken every week and the streets are not cleaned. Where does the money go? I have seen several street signs hanging off and Stoke Park should be better maintained too. I was aware that most local government funding comes from central government.

What do you think? Why not add your views, answering the same questions asked of our interviewees:

  1. Are you aware that council tax in Surrey is going up? Do you know by how much it will rise?
  2. Do you think that the rise is fair? Please explain why or why not.
  3. Would you rather pay less tax for fewer services or more tax for better services?
  4. Do you think that there is much wastage by Surrey County Council or Guildford Borough Council? If so, where is it?
  5. Are you aware that most council funding comes from central government?

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