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Citizens Speak: On The North Street Development Proposals

Published on: 15 Nov, 2012
Updated on: 29 Aug, 2015

The development of North Street as part of the overall redevelopment of some parts of the town is proving controversial. The die seems to be cast regarding Waitrose but what about the area between The Friary and Leapale Road? there has been been a lot of talk amongst interested parties but what about the men and women on the street?

Dawn Page from Bellfields
  No I was not aware that planning for redevelopment of North Street was underway and I was not aware of the new landscaping either. I don’t know about more shops. I would like to see more of the shops that have closed re-open. I hate to see empty shops. where have our butchers and grocers gone? Its all clothes and cafes now. I don’t like what is happening to Guildford at the moment it is losing its character. Any new developments should be be classical in style, in keeping with our historic town which still has a lot going for it. I suppose any new development should be paid for by private investors.
Johnathan Tatlow from The Mount
  Yes I am aware of the intention to develop North Street but it all seems up in the air at the moment. I do take an interest and read the The Guildford Dragon NEWS on the computers at the Library. But I think most of the public are not bothered. To me there is no point in making large developments until the roads are sorted out. Yes I am aware of the new planters and paving. Very good. I think any new development should include more housing and suitable shops for those who live in the town, not John Lewis to attract more people into Guildford. At least Waitrose will be a decent food shop. As for the style of new buildings, it would be good to get some good modern design but on the past record it will be traditional. I don’t know anything about financing but the council should hang on to their money.
Patricia Romero from Woking
  I was not aware of any plans to develop this street or of these new planters and paving. I would like to see more shops yes and they should be built in a traditional style. I think the private sector should pay for the development. If they make money from the shops they should pay for them. I live in Woking (I come from Spain but I have lived here for four years now) but I prefer to come to Guildford to shop. I find the people friendlier here. The only trouble is parking but that is bad in Woking too.
Abdul Al Sheikh from Manor Park
  No I was not aware of any proposals to redevelop North Street but I have noticed the new landscaping and the planters. Much better than last year.. I would like to see more shops especially sports shops. Have you seen that JJB Sports has closed? I think new developments should be traditional in style. Something modern would not fit properly and would stand out. Finance should come from taxes if possible but there would be no harm if it was financed privately, if they invest they can get a profit – as long as they do it well. I come from Bahrain and have been a student here for two years.
Daryl Gilks from Stratford upon Avon
No I didn’t know but they should leave it as it is, the public will only get annoyed if they change it. I like the new landscaping. I have noticed that. It looks tidier and smart – like Stratford. They should not put more housing in the town. They should go for more shops that means more jobs and more money for the area. I prefer traditional styles. Why mess around with it. I don’t like all these buildings with metal and glass. It should not be paid for from taxes they are already too high but the community should pay for it or they could get sponsorship from the shops.


What do you think? Why not add your views to the debate answering the same questions asked of our interviewees:

  1. Are you aware of the plans to redevelop North Street?
  2. Are you aware of the landscaping improvements in the street e.g. the new paving and planters?
  3. In any redevelopment would you like to see more housing, or more shops or a mixture of both?
  4. That style should any new architecture be, modern or traditional/classical?
  5. How should any project be financed?

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