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Class A Drugs House Closed in Burpham

Published on: 17 Jul, 2014
Updated on: 22 Jul, 2014
PC Tony Charles, Neighbourhood Specialist Officer for Merrow and Burpham outside the closed property.

PC Tony Charles, Neighbourhood Specialist Officer for Merrow and Burpham outside the closed property.

A  closure notice was served at 7 Raynham Close, Burpham yesterday (July 16) after magistrates heard evidence to show that the property is connected to the unlawful use, supply and production of class A drugs, together with drugs related anti-social behaviour.

The application for the notice was heard before South West Surrey Magistrates’ Court. Evidence was supplied by Surrey Police and Affinity Sutton Housing Association which showed the negative impact the property was having on the local community. An earlier notice was served on July 1.

The house has now been boarded up and notices informing the public of the reasons for closure posted. The property will be sealed for a minimum of three months allowing no one to enter.  The housing association landlords for the property will now permanently evict the tenant and repossess the property.

The court order in place until October 16 2014, comes as a result of concerns raised by local residents about drug related activities and antisocial behaviour. The property was targeted as part of the recent police Operation Leek, a crackdown which aimed to disrupt the activity of drug dealers and interrupt the supply of illegal drugs across West Surrey.

Anyone seen entering the property while the order is in place will be arrested and is liable to receive a fine or face a custodial sentence.

Borough Inspector Lynette Shanks said: “Local residents have suffered serious nuisance – including noise, aggressive and abusive behaviour, disturbance from a trail of visitors arriving day and night and erratic driving linked to people associated with this property. I hope the community will benefit from the closure order served on the address and that now there can be a return to the environment which these people had enjoyed within their locality.

“The purpose of the order is not only to help the community affected by the persistent behaviour but to offer support to those involved and help them permanently change their behaviour. I hope this  order will send out the message antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated by Surrey Police and we will seek powers such as using the Hearsay Act which was used by residents to give evidence anonymously to bring offenders to justice and keep Surrey a nice place to live in and visit.”

Kelly Ruff, neighbourhood housing manager, Affinity Sutton said: “Affinity Sutton takes all allegations of antisocial behaviour seriously and we always work with the police by taking whatever action is necessary. Safeguarding our residents is of the utmost importance to us which is why we immediately secured an injunction against the resident before the closure order was sought.”

The police ask for anyone who has information on illegal drug activity or antisocial behaviour in their area and would like some help and advice to contact their Surrey Police Safer Neighbourhood Team by calling 101 or Guildford Borough Council on 01483 505050.

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Responses to Class A Drugs House Closed in Burpham

  1. Jim Allen Reply

    July 17, 2014 at 2:13 pm

    Mixing high density housing (54 per hectare) and social housing has been acknowledged as a national disaster. Housing people in such conditions brings stress, distress and social problems. It should never have been permitted.

    These are totally expected & predictable, events. The failed experiment of hi-density housing in Burpham. Thanks town planners….

  2. Callum Flanders Reply

    July 21, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    In response to the comment from Jim Allen…

    This could have happened whatever the density: it happens in private as well as social housing. Although if density is a problem then blame our latest pressure group (that doesn’t bother to consult) the Guildford Greenbelt Group.

    Look at Benazir Bhutto’s £9million Surrey mansion which was used for immoral activities and sex parties. It happens all over.

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