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Clients of Mental Health Charity Oakleaf Give Praise for its Support

Published on: 28 Sep, 2023
Updated on: 27 Sep, 2023

Clients of Guildford-based mental health charity Oakleaf Enterprises have praised it for the support they have been receiving.

The charity, located in Walnut Tree Close, helps adults aged 16 to 67. It says its number one policy is to help combat mental ill-health by providing support for its clients through wellbeing activities, work-related training, employment support, counselling, and emotional support both online and in-person.

Oakleaf is sharing some of the responses and feedback it received from 92 clients between June and July 2023, who accessed its services.

The photos in this story are general images taken at Oakleaf Enterprises’ base in Walnut Tree Close, Guildford. They do not relate directly to the people whose quotes are included here.

Overall, after attending Oakleaf, 91% of clients felt less isolated, 86% of clients felt their mental wellbeing had improved.

The comments include:“I don’t where I would be without Oakleaf. It has been my key support for my mental health and helped me build a life that I love for the first time I can ever remember. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

“Being able to speak to someone in person at Oakleaf when I attend upholstery [classes] has helped me loads. I’ve come in stressed sometimes and I leave feeling like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Oakleaf reports its wellbeing activities received a lot of praise, with 88% of clients finding both its online and in-person activities to be helpful and 91% clients finding the activities helped them feel more confident.

One client said: “Through Oakleaf providing the Tuesday art class in Guildford, I have overcome so much anxiety. I now look forward to leaving the house on Tuesdays. My fear of going outside has reduced and I am able to interact and socialise with people much better. I feel included in the group and feel I am achieving through art.”

While another commented: “The activities give me something to look forward to. They give me routine. Oakleaf has given me the tools to help me realise what is best for me and to understand that my feelings are valid. Doing the craft and chat workshops over Zoom has given me the opportunity to make friends with similar interests to me. I’ve been able to broaden my knowledge too.”

Oakleaf says it is pleased to see that 96% of its clients found counselling support helpful and 51% found it extremely helpful.

On this topic a person said: “Oakleaf has given me a place to talk with others and feel less alone. Counselling has allowed me to acknowledge how my past has affected me and how I can begin to work on relearning healthier behaviours.”

Another person added: “Counselling has been excellent. It has been so important for me to be able to access counselling that is affordable and with more than six sessions permitted. I recommend Oakleaf to people all the time!”

To find out more about Oakleaf and its services, or how to become a client, visit its website:

Oakleaf relies on voluntary donations to operate and with an influx in new clients and increased demand, it needs support now more than ever.

A spokesperson said: “Please consider making a donation via our website to fund vital support for hundreds of individuals across Surrey.” 

To make a donation, click here.

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